Water leaking into the oil.

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Water leaking into the oil.  If your water level is going down and your oil level is going up try using a product like Kalimex K-Seal or Ce-lit, available from Unipart or any auto-parts store, or we have a Rad Seal on our ebay or website www.AmericanTechnology.co.uk.  Just shake the can and pour it into the radiator coolant.  I suggest you change the oil on a continuing regular weekly  basis until the water leak is fixed by the sealant, as water in the oil will strip the silver off your con rod and main bearings.  We suggest you use 250ml of RESTORE oil with each of these oil changes to protect the main and con rod bearings until the water leak has been fixed.  If the leak persists then the head gasket needs to be replaced and the head is probably warped and will need skimming.  Good luck!

Quick fix for worn cylinder bores.  This is like a dry/wet compression test (also called a leak-down or leak-by test) usually carried out using regular engine oil.  By using RESTORE oil in place of the regular engine oil you can repair the bores at the same time.  Try dividing a litre can of RESTORE down the empty spark plug holes (or glow plug holes on a diesel) and turn the engine over a few times before replacing the plugs and firing it up.  It will smoke for a while then the compression should improve across all the cylinders.  It is worth a try - doesn't work all the time - depends on how bad the bores are.  If one cylinder compression doesn't lift on the dry/wet leak-down test then you can assume the problem is a burnt valve or valve seat.  In this case the cylinder head must come off.            
Two stroke quick repair.  This is the same way we cure worn two stroke cylinder bores quickly.  Pour approximately 100ml down each empty spark plug hole and allow to drain down and settle the CSL particles down around the piston rings.  This is just the same as doing a dry/wet compression test - any mechanic knows how to do this.  Then use the starter to turn the engine over a few times before replacing the spark plugs and starting the engine.  It will smoke for a while then hopefully it will cure the compression leakages and improve emissions and power.

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