Waterproof Golf Trousers Buying Guide

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Waterproof Golf Trousers Buying Guide

Get Affordable Golf Trousers on eBay

Waterproof golf trousers are an essential item to own for any golfer. Weather conditions can change quickly out on the course so it’s best to be prepared.

Feeling comfortable on the golf course is critical for concentration and feeling relaxed while playing a round. There is a wide selection of waterproof golf trousers available on eBay whether it’s a brand new pair or second hand pair that’s required.

eBay has listings for men’s,, women’s and children’s waterproof golf trousers and caters for all tastes and budgets from top end designers to the second hand affordable market.

Buying waterproof golf trousers requires a bit more consideration than a pair of trousers for day-to-day use. The right pair of waterproof trousers won't be too tight or too loose, and won't interfere with a golfer's swing.

Keep reading this buying guide to discover more about the benefits of waterproof golf trousers, the fabrics they’re made from and 10 things to consider when buying on eBay.

Benefits of Waterproof Golf Trousers

The three main benefits of buying waterproof golf trousers are listed below:

  • Protection from the Elements

The most obvious advantage of waterproof golf trousers is the fact they can protect a golfer from the rain and wind as well as keeping them warm in cooler conditions.

  • Versatility

Waterproof golf trousers don’t have to be exclusively used for golf. They are a versatile item that can also be suitable for activities such as hill walking, camping, and jogging. Waterproof golf trousers should be easy to fold up and pack so they don’t take up too much space in a golf bag or rucksack.

  • Comfort

Waterproof golf trousers are specially designed to be comfortable for the demands of playing golf. Things such as elasticated waist bands, internal mesh linings, and the positioning of the pockets on the trousers are all important elements when it comes to comfort.

Waterproof Golf Trouser Features to Look Out For

The table below highlights some of the more technical aspects of waterproof golf trouser manufacture and the benefit to golfers.

Waterproof Golf Trousers Feature

Benefit to the Golfer


Ventilation to help keep comfortable

Seam Sewn

Strength and durability

Machine Washable



Comfort on the course

Zipped Pockets

Versatility and security

Elasticated Waist

Adjustable comfort


Keep cool in warmer weather

Waterproof Golf Trouser Fabrics

The two most popular fabrics used in the manufacture of waterproof golf trousers are:

There are many variations of polyester waterproof golf trousers that have been developed by individual manufacturers.

Many waterproof golf trousers for sale on eBay have a laminated outer layer to repel the rain and a membrane lining for an additional layer of protection.

Manufacturers of Waterproof Golf Trousers

eBay is home to many pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s waterproof golf trousers made by a range of different manufacturers including:

  • Dunlop
  • Galvin Green
  • Glenmuir
  • Mizuno
  • Ping
  • ProQuip
  • Nike
  • Stuburt
  • Sunderland

A search on eBay for waterproof golf trousers will return listings for all of these manufacturers and many more well-known brands.

10 Things to Consider When Buying Waterproof Golf Trousers

  • Warranty

Many manufacturers of waterproof golf trousers provide a warranty with them. This warranty may range from one year to five years and covers the ability of the trousers to remain waterproof or that period of time. Lots of the new waterproof golf trousers available to buy from eBay sellers come with the manufacturer’s waterproof guarantee, so it’s worth looking out for.

A warranty on waterproof golf trousers helps give the eBay purchaser confidence in their buying decision.

  • Colour

Waterproof golf trousers are worn in all sorts of conditions on the golf course and away from it. With this in mind, it may be wise to choose a dark colour such as black, grey, or dark blue to that any mud doesn’t show up as prominently.

Fashion is another consideration when selecting a pair of waterproof golf trousers to wear. Many golfers like to be colour co-ordinated on the course with a matching bag, waterproof golf jacket, hat and waterproof golf trousers – all of which can be bought online at eBay.

  • Movement

Being able to wear waterproof golf trousers without any adverse impact on the golf swing is important. The right pair of waterproof golf trousers will allow the golfer to swing freely and at their usual tempo. The golf clothing worn can be as important as the other equipment used.

  • Breathability

Fabrics used in the manufacture of waterproof golf trousers are specially designed to be highly breathable. Golfers appreciate the breathability that a good pair of waterproof golf trousers can provide to help keep them comfortable on a warm but wet day on the course.

Many waterproof golf trouser designs have extra eyelets to allow for more breathability and ensure comfort at all times.

  • Returns Policy

It’s a good idea to check the returns policy of the seller when buying waterproof golf trousers on eBay. If a person wants to return the waterproof golf trousers they’ve ordered for any reason it’s important they do it in accordance with the seller’s instructions and within the stated timeframe.

  • Extra Features

Different people will have different requirements when it comes to waterproof golf trousers. Some golfers may place more importance on the number of zipped pockets for example, while for others strength and durability might be the most important feature.

When buying waterproof golf trousers on eBay it’s a good idea to have a checklist of features at hand to ensure the product matches any specific requirements.

  • Sizes

Because waterproof golf trousers on eBay are available for men, women and children, there are different size guides. The sizes are the same format for standard trousers so for men they range from small to XXL and for women the sizes are typically 8 to 18.

As with day-to-day clothes there may be small differences in the sizes of waterproof golf trousers made by different manufacturers. If someone already has a pair of waterproof golf trousers from one manufacturer, it’s worth bearing sizing in mind when buying a different brand. There is always the option to ask the eBay seller for clarification before buying.

  • Brand

The brand of waterproof golf trousers a person chooses to buy on eBay may depend on budget and any feedback they’ve had from other golfers. In order to maintain a consistent look, a golfer may also decide to buy waterproof golf trousers that are the same brand as their other golf clothing and golf clubs..

  • Comfort

Things such as an adjustable waist band and zips at the bottom of the legs can add to the comfort of waterproof golf trousers. Some waterproof golf trousers have thermal properties which are ideal if a person plans on playing golf right through the winter months. If someone is purely a summer golfer, then breathability will be a more sought-after property to ensure comfort on the course.

  • Budget

On eBay there is a wide range of new and used waterproof golf trousers to suit all levels of budget. Whether someone is just taking up golf or has been playing for years, they are sure to find a pair of waterproof golf trousers that matches their requirements and the amount of money they have to spend.

Other Waterproof Golf Clothing

As well as waterproof golf trousers, eBay is also a great place to go for:

How to Buy Waterproof Golf Trousers on eBay

Buying new or used waterproof golf trousers on eBay is a hassle-free experience.

Being able to browse golf clothing for sale on eBay 24/7 is convenient and the search options make it easy to find the most relevant items. There is a search bar at the top of each page as well as options down the left hand side to filter a search once a category has been entered.

A wide range of waterproof golf trousers is available on eBay. In many brick and mortar stores the selection of brands is restricted.

If someone has never bought via eBay before, the Buying Tips page is a good starting point and contains plenty of useful information.

A potential buyer may deem it may be necessary to Ask the Selleraa question to find out more information on a pair of waterproof golf trousers. This could relate to sizing or the returns policy for example.   

Shopping on eBay is all about trust. Buyers can see the ratings for each seller and comment left by previous customers as well as paying securely online with PayPal..

Free shipping is offered by many sellers on eBay. And also don’t forget to look for any mention of the golf trousers being windproof as well as waterproof.


Waterproof golf trousers on eBay are available for men, women and children. The two most popular fabrics used in waterproof golf trouser manufacture are GORE-TEX® and polyester.

Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to buying waterproof golf trousers. Be sure to check eBay listings for features such as eyelets for ventilation and adjustable waist bands.

Most pairs of waterproof golf trousers will be windproof too in order to provide more on-course comfort.

There are many waterproof golf trouser manufacturers that provide a warranty on their items. These guarantees may be found in the eBay product description or within the main body text of the listing. The weatherproof warranties can range from one year right through to five years depending on the manufacturer.

Waterproof golf trousers offer versatility too. For example they can be used for other activities such as camping as well as playing golf which makes them good value for money.

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