Wearing and Storing Perfumes

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The following applies to men as well as women - fragrances have never been more of a basic part of masculine good grooming.

Fragrance should be used throughout every day. It will increase your feelings of well being, add a special degree of graciousness to daily living, and make life for you, and those around you, infinitely more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Fragrance is not formulated to last all day so should be refreshed periodically.

Fragrance rises. If a woman applies her fragrance just behind her ears, or a man his aftershave just on his face, the scent will slowly rise and disappear. It is best applied all over the body. Spray or smooth fragrance onto skin from the feet to the shoulders.

Using various products layered all over the body gives a longer-lasting effect. Soaps, deodorant sprays, shower gels and body lotions are useful fragrance tools.

Fragrance should not be applied to clothing. It is formulated only to be used on the skin. If applied to fabric, the fibres could change the character of the fragrance, and the scent may stain the fabric.

Identical fragrances may smell differently and also last longer when applied to some peoples' skin than others. This is because of the chemical make up and balance of our skin. Dry skin does not hold fragrances as long as oily skin and it should be reapplied more often throughout the day.

“Wear your fragrance wherever you want to be kissed” … Coco Chanel 

Fragrances should be kept in a cool, dark place. Heat, extreme cold, and light will cause a scent to degrade rapidly.

An unopened bottle of fragrance, stored correctly, will last for at least four years.
Once a bottle of perfume is opened it should be used, otherwise it will begin to fade or change its character with time.

Wear it and enjoy it!         

Do Perfumes Make you Sneeze?

You may well find that it is the modern perfumes that are the culprits!  Try the scents created more than 50 years ago such as Je Reviens, Tweed and Blue Grass.   These fragrances are timeless classics, and may well allow you to wear them "sneeze free".
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