Wedding Cake Decorating Supplies Buying Guide

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Wedding Cake Decorating Supplies Buying Guide

For centuries, some type of bread, cake, or pastry has been used at wedding celebrations. Today, most weddings include an elaborately decorated cake with many tiers and even multiple flavours. While there are certainly many bakeries that have made a name for themselves offering these types of cakes, there are also many ambitious amateur bakers who take it upon themselves to make wedding cakes for their friends and family.

In order to make a beautiful wedding cake, special cake decorating supplies are necessary. From the initial baking of the cake to the frosting, decorating, and ultimately display of the cake at the event, there is a wide array of supplies that are necessary. Wedding cake decorating supplies are available at craft stores, specialty cookware shops, or online on eBay.. Armed with a good understanding of what tools are necessary to create the best wedding cake possible, it is easy for any baker to be well-prepared to create and serve a gorgeous cake for any new couple.

Baking Supplies

Before a wedding cake can be decorated to the specifications of the bride, it must be properly baked. While many home kitchens may be equipped to bake regular cakes, wedding cakes usually require special baking accessories.. This is because most wedding cakes have multiple tiers as well as elaborate decorations that require employing special baking techniques. It is important that each tier of the cake be properly baked and then assembled so that the cake is sturdy. This begins with the cake tin.

Cake Tins

A proper cake tin is probably the most important foundation for a wedding cake. The type of pan that is needed depends on the size, shape, and style of the cake that is being made. More traditional wedding cakes tend to be round with at least three tiers, but modern cakes and pans come in virtually any shape including square and even heart shaped.. Choose a cake tin that suits the cake design. Many retailers offer sets of wedding cake tins that come in graduated sizes designed for easy stacking.

Cake Boards

Putting together a tiered cake can be difficult, even for an experienced baker. One of the most important tools in making sure that the tiers are stable is a cake board. These are boards that are placed directly under each cake or tier in order to stabilise it. The cake board should be the same size and shape of the cake or tier under which it is to be placed. For example, a round cake should have a round cake board underneath it for maximum support.

Icing Tools

Although the interior bulk of the cake is certainly an important part of the wedding cake, the décor and frosting on the outside of the cake are generally just as important, if not more so. The base of all cake decorations is some type of frosting or icing. To properly apply icing to a wedding cake, so that its taste as well as its appearance is flawless, the right icing equipment is required.

Icing Spatula

A smooth coat of frosting acts as the perfect foundation for virtually any type of wedding cake decorations. In order to get the frosting smooth, an icing spatula works extremely well. An icing spatula has a handle attached to a long blade that is used to spread the icing evenly over the surface of the cake. Depending on the type of icing, a different icing technique may be used, but the spatula is still an integral tool.

Pastry Bags

Of course, any elegant wedding cake has much more than a smooth layer of frosting as a means of decoration. Some basic cake decorations are made from the icing itself, with the assistance of pastry bags.. A pastry bag, also known as a piping bag, is a small plastic bag that holds frosting. The baker then cuts the tip off the pastry bag and attaches a decorative tip, through which the frosting is squeezed in order to create lettering, pictures, and other various designs.

Icing Tips

In order to create a variety of designs using pastry bags and frosting, it is necessary to attach frosting tips to the pastry bag. These can be made of plastic or metal and comes in many different shapes. A flat tip can be used to create wide, flat designs, while a tip that looks like a small circle can be used for writing or other intricate details. There are even tips that create rosettes or flowers easily. Frosting tips are available in sets, which is a convenient option for a baker who plans to decorate many cakes and wants to have a few options available.

Types of Icing

One of the most basic cake decorating supplies is the icing itself. The different types of icing that are available for wedding cake decoration offer not only different flavours but also vastly different appearances.

Type of Icing




Rolled Fondant

A gelatin or glycerine blended frosting used on many gourmet cakes

Completely smooth

Fairly bland and sometimes unpalatable


A mixture of melted chocolate and cream

Can be made smooth and shiny

Rich and chocolatey


Powdered sugar and shortening

Fluffier and not generally smooth

Sweet and can be flavoured

Whipped Cream

Cream and powdered sugar

Very fluffy

Rich and sweet

Gum Paste

A blend of sugar dough and gum

Smooth and pliable

Generally disliked; bland; hard

Many wedding cakes are actually decorated with multiple different types of frosting. For example, gum paste is commonly used for small decorations like flowers, which can then be removed prior to eating the cake since it does not taste very good.

Wedding Cake Decorations

Once a wedding cake is frosted with a base layer of icing, there are many different decorations that can be added. Some of these items can be purchased and simply attached to the cake by the baker, while others can be made by hand and then affixed to the cake. Keep in mind that it is certainly not necessary that all wedding cake decorations be edible. Many wedding cakes, for instance, are decorated with fresh flowers which can easily be removed before the cake is consumed.

Sugar Moulds

One popular way to decorate wedding cakes is with adornments made out of sugar. While some skilled artists can sculpt these sugar decorations by hand, it is much easier to use a mould that is intended for this purpose. Sugar moulds can be used with sugar paste to create many beautiful decorations from flowers to birds to superhero logos. Usually these moulds are made from silicone for easy cleaning as well as easy removal of the sugar from the mould.

Edible Glue

No matter what decorations are being added to a wedding cake, those decorations have to be affixed to the cake itself. Since it is obviously not recommended to use a standard adhesive, cake decorators have developed something called edible glue.. This liquid is made from entirely edible ingredients like special types of adhesive sugars. Some bakers make their own version of edible glue, but it can also be conveniently purchased ready-made.

How to Buy Wedding Cake Decorating Supplies on eBay

Once you have determined what type of wedding cake decorating supplies you need for your project, you can begin to search for those supplies on eBay. With thousands of sellers around the world, it is easy to find those special cake decorating tools that are required for wedding cakes. For a specific item, you can begin by entering key search terms into the search box on any page of the site. A search for something like "mould" yields many results, while "wedding cake pan" is more specific and therefore tends to have fewer listings.

Once you have chosen the supplies that you want to buy, be sure to ask the seller any questions you have before completing the transaction. For instance, a used cake tin may have some damage that is not visible in photographs, so be sure to send the seller a message with your concerns. Conscientious eBay sellers get back to you quickly so that you can complete your purchase with absolute confidence that you know what you are getting.


Clearly, there are many different types of cake decorating supplies that can be used when baking and decorating a wedding cake. While not every supply is necessary for every cake project, it is a good idea to have an understanding of what is available. Not only does this mean that the right supplies are there for a particular cake, but it allows a decorator to expand his or her decorating repertoire more easily.

When purchasing cake decorating supplies, it is important to keep in mind all the different steps that go into decorating a wedding cake. Not only does the cake need to be properly frosted and beautifully adorned, but it also needs to be carefully baked, shaped, and assembled. Each of these steps requires its own special tools to be done correctly. Luckily, with the proper cake decorating supplies and some patience, even an inexperienced baker can create a beautiful wedding cake.

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