Wedding Cake Tin Buying Guide

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Wedding Cake Tin Buying Guide

Baking a wedding cake adds a personal touch to a celebration. The cake may require a special tin, or set of tins. Before purchasing wedding cake tins, there are a number of factors that buyers should consider, including the material and shape.


Material for Wedding Cake Tins

Metal wedding cake tins are typically made from aluminium or steel. Buyers should ensure that the material is even because if an area of the tin is thicker or thinner than other areas, parts of the cake can bake at a different rate. Some metal tins have a non-stick coating that makes it easier to remove the finished cake. Silicone cake tins are another option and they are easy to turn inside out in order to remove the cake. They are also durable and safe to clean in a dishwasher.


Shape of Wedding Cake Tins

The most traditional shapes for wedding cake tins are square and round. However, heart-shaped tins are fairly popular because of their romantic connotations. It is also possible to find hexagonal wedding cake tins and versions shaped like flowers. Although these decorative tins create interesting cakes, it is important to exercise caution because the cake may not bake at the same rate that it does in a standard round or square tin. Round cakes are the easiest to ice, followed by square versions. Special shapes take more time and effort to decorate.


Tins for Tiered Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are typically tiered, so before choosing tins, buyers should consider how many tiers they would like to have because they may require a set of pyramid-style tins, where the cakes become smaller on each tier. Three-tier wedding cake tins are ideal for making a traditional cake. However, for a larger wedding, four-tier wedding cake tins may be more appropriate. Four-tier cakes also look more dramatic and make a wonderful display before the wedding reception.

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