Wedding Cravat and suits

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choosing what to wear by Timpom

After recently getting married i had a hard time choosing the correct colour for my husbands and sons cravat !! make sure you communicate well! inbox seller and ask advice if uncertain ours was a colour red that was diffucult put name to ! most sellers have been asked allsorts and are more than happy to help! check all guarantees and that if made the incorrect decision that they will refund you
cheaper does not meant better !! look around and maybe
spend that little bit more ! also check the colour theme suits the hair colour of the wearers. also make sure you buy a winged shirt collar when you have chose the correct cravat...i know that if i had my time again i would of also took more time in choosing colours instead of making a knee jerk reaction.. also the hankercheifs that come free with the cravats are generally rubbish !! plus most suits do not have pocket room with them. also dont give people room to tell ypu what to do as they are nosey and most probably have a favourite colour in mind !

Suits also cheaper isnt always the best and make sure that you pay more if intend to use again !!
wedding dress now thats all fun.. best thing you can do is try on some in bridal shops or do what i did choose one i liked the look of and get it from a chinese seller my advice is they come up two sizes to small.. most of all shop around there is always a bargain but do keep an open mind to con merchants and also check all reviews. sometimes its worth it for the laugh you get !!
#BZZAGENT has bought me here to share this #tryitforfree
good luck
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