Wedding Dress Buying Checklist

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Wedding Dress Buying Checklist

Beginning the wedding preparations is an exciting process, one that many a bride-to-be initiates by shopping for the wedding dress. The journey, beginning with conceptualising the wedding dress to finalising the design details to actually buying the rest of the items to match the dress and readying the final look, is an arduous one. There are often both heartaches and happiness along the way, stress when things do not work out and relief when they fall in place. A wedding dress buying checklist is the key to making this journey a smooth and memorable one, a solution to ensure that the bride is resplendent in her perfect wedding dress on her big day.

All elements of the bridal dress, such as fabrics, appliques, veils, trains, and embellishments, require close attention, and the bride-to-be must get herself acquainted with them all. Browsing through fashion magazines and the Internet provides an overall idea of where to begin. eBay is a good place to start the search for designs and fabrics, with its thousands of bridal dresses of every style and patterns and in various colours apart from the traditional white or beige. An informed bride is a prepared bride: equipped with knowledge on the process of buying a wedding dress, she begins to plan well ahead of time and knows which dresses to consider first, what options and styles are available, and how to cope as the big day draws near.

The Quest for the Right Wedding Dress Begins

As always, the mantra for success is to plan ahead and plan well. And so it is with something as crucial as the wedding dress: the bride-to-be starts planning at least eight to nine months ahead of the wedding date. Generally, a woman orders the wedding dress at least six months prior to the wedding, by which time she will have made decisions about the fabric, style, and other details, if she starts early. When sharing wedding stories, many women confess to initially feeling completely overwhelmed by the array of ready-made wedding gowns, fabrics, and other accessories, and reveal that most of them could settle for a wedding dress after only numerous shopping adventures.

Readers would do well to keep in mind that taking photographs during the course of trying out wedding dresses is strictly forbidden by almost all salons, boutiques, and stores. And yes! do keep an eye on the budget.

Start with Ready-Made Wedding Dresses

After scheduling an appointment with a salon, the bride-to-be can look through the bridal gown catalogues to select gowns, consult with the professionals, and maybe try out a couple of dresses. Should she be lucky enough to find the perfect gown, she can go ahead and finalise the deal, perhaps after consulting with close friends and family members. Alternately, the bride-to-be can choose the silhouette, neckline, and fabric and then try on dresses that meet those requirements. In doing so, the woman is able to gauge first-hand how a particular style would look on her. This process is a good way to eliminate unsuitable styles, helping the woman narrow down her choices and to zero in on the most suitable dress. And if it turns out that ready-made wedding dresses are unsatisfactory, the organized bride-to-be always has the time to plan a custom-made wedding dress.

The Fashion Boutique Trial Advantage

Trying out a bridal dress at the salon allows a woman to get the feel of the wedding day attire on her body and which skirt style, sleeve length, and neckline suit her body type. Moreover, at a salon the bride-to-be benefits from the expertise and assistance of a consultant to guide her and provide honest opinions. The biggest advantage of trying on a wedding dress at the salon is that it takes away the element of surprise and provides an accurate picture of how she will look in a given bridal gown, after which she can ask for whatever changes and tweaks desired. Salons carry bridal gowns for weddings held at various locations such as beaches, gardens, clubs, formal venues, and more. And if the woman approves of a dress, that takes care of the biggest challenge of wedding preparations.

Custom-Made Wedding Dresses

Every woman dreams, at some point in her life, of her wedding gown, and it is the wedding gown of her dreams that she looks for when preparing for the big day. If there is a desire for a very particular style of bridal gown, custom-made is the way to go. Hand-crafted, personalised, and created to perfection: this is what custom made wedding dresses are all about. Here is a list of silhouettes, necklines, sleeve lengths, and fabrics with which brides who are looking for custom made wedding dresses should be familiar.


A gowns’ silhouette is the outline and shape created by the dress, and the wedding dress silhouette certainly plays a major role in the final look as the bride walks down the aisle. Formal wedding dresses may be A-line or princess, ball gown, empire, fit and flare, mermaid, sheath, or trumpet style. Selecting the right silhouette that brings out the best features of the body, while hiding the flaws, is paramount.


A whole range of styles for wedding dress necklines is possible, and the bride-to-be would do well to choose the one that best suits her, in particular her face and upper body. Scoop necks and v-necks with varying depths make shoulders look wider, while off-shoulder, one-shoulder, and sweetheart necklines suit those with wide shoulders and small busts. Boat neck styles are an option for women who are stockily built. Numerous other variations on these basic styles are also possible; therefore the bride-to-be should decide which style is best for her body, and go from there.


A wedding dress waistline that makes the woman look curvaceous and balanced is the right one. Basque, natural waist, empire, dropped waist, and asymmetrical waist are the waistline styles from which to choose. These styles sit anywhere between the bust and the hips, working with a woman’s body type to show the bride, and her dress, to their best advantage.

Sleeve Style and Dress Lengths

As the sleeves of the wedding dress draw attention to the arms, a woman should choose the style that lengthens and slims the arms and provides a good balance with the upper body. With many styles to choose from, including cap sleeves, spaghetti straps, sleeveless, strapless, 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, and long sleeves, one is certainly the right style. Another decision is what length the wedding dress should be. The options are knee length, calf length, or floor length gowns. While formal wedding gowns are floor length, a more casual look may be achieved with a knee length gown. One consideration for the wedding dress length is the wedding venue: an outdoor wedding sees many a bride wearing knee or tea lengths.


While a silk bridal dress is the most desired one, nonetheless, several other blended fabrics are capable of producing a perfect fit, creating the right drape, and accentuating an eye-catching pattern. The weave of the fabric determines these factors and the fabric should be chosen to suit the body shape. Lightweight chiffons, georgette, charmeuse, duchess satin, crepes, dupioni, and Shantung are hugely popular fabrics for wedding dresses while velvet and brocades are used if the wedding is during winter.

As the Big Day Draws Near

A couple of months away from the wedding day, the bride must gather her close mates to make the final purchases. Taking time away from work and from the numerous trials of planning a wedding, the bride-to-be has to get busy with yet another task: selecting the footwear, accessories, and jewellery that match the wedding gown. The tiara, the veil,, the shoes, the gloves, lingerie, the bag, and everything else. Buying two pairs of footwear to go with the dress helps a bride be prepared for changes in the weather. To ensure that the wedding dress fits perfectly, trying out the dress along with the bridal underwear is necessary as well. Seamless undergarments are a better choice with light coloured wedding dresses. Moving around dressed as she would on the wedding day gives the bride an accurate idea of the comfort level of the entire wedding outfit.

Two Weeks to the Wedding

The time is just right for a final bridal dress trial, wearing the complete gear and making sure all is going according to plan. It is advisable to have a friend or family member take several photographs taken from different angles. If all looks good, the bride can approach her big day with confidence. On the other hand, if the photos reveal some flaws in the gown or overall look, there is time to correct or fine-tune any issues. The bride should take care to maintain good diet and exercise habits, so that there is no weight fluctuation to affect the fit of the dress. A final trip to the beauty parlour to brighten up her appearance with a manicure, pedicure, hair styling, and other beauty treatments and presto! she is ready for the real thing! The week leading up to the wedding day is a hectic one, so the bride should be certain to take time to relax and get adequate sleep in order to appear fresh and lively on her wedding day.

How to Buy Wedding Dress Fabrics and Wedding Accessories From eBay

eBay has a vast variety of bridal fabrics, ready-made wedding dresses, bridal accessories, wedding shoes, and bags, so the woman readying herself for the wedding can shop for items from the comfort of her home. Most brides lay out their shopping plans well in advance, allowing themselves plenty of time to browse online for the various items needed for the wedding.

Shopping on eBay is hassle-free, with buyer guides, safe and secure transactions, quick links that allow uninterrupted browsing, numerous payment options, and savings by way of auctions and free shipping on certain items. Reviews and feedback provided on the seller’s page is an indication of the seller’s reputation on eBay. Additionally, eBay allows users to save details about reliable sellers in order to easily return to those sellers on return shopping trips. Other great features include the link that allows the shopper to view all the other items the seller has on sale on eBay and the ability to add the chosen products to the watch list to review and purchase later.


The bride looking to buy a ready-made wedding dress should get in touch with salons in and around her area, schedule an appointment, and start looking for the wedding dress. Meanwhile, magazines, catalogues, and online sites give the bride ample information about the latest styles and patterns. While many do find suitable ready-made bridal dresses, others wish to create their dream wedding dress from scratch and begin the process by looking for suitable fabrics, styles, embellishments, and accessories. Searching online is helpful in finding ready-made wedding dresses as well as bridal fabrics.

With a wide range of silks, satin, charmeuse, chiffon, crepe, and georgettes readily available in several beautiful hues and textures, the bride is spoilt for choice. From velvet or brocade for winter weddings to the lightest charmeuse or taffeta for summer weddings, eBay has them all. The woman designing her own wedding dress will find adequate varieties of laces, appliques, sequins, and a host of other embellishments. Jewellery, footwear, gloves, veils, bags, and lingerie are other things on the checklist of the bride’s items to about three to four weeks prior to the wedding, so she has a perfect final dress rehearsal for her wedding day.

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