Wedding Dress From China

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I have too agree with the previous lady, I bought a dress from Ebay, it looked wonderful in the picture.  I asked for it too be made in pale gold or ivory.   It came in Olive Green Gold.  I nearly died .  The beads were bright orange gold.  I first thought it was a practical joke  It looked like a halloween outfit.  .  Then the shock set in.  With only a little time too go I just sat and cried.   I scoured ebay for second hand dresses and kept getting out bid or there was a problem that the seller would only do a pick up and were 6 hours away-  I was having a budget wedding and thought I would save a bomb buying a fairytale wedding dress.  What happened - was that I ended up getting a loan too buy a dress off the peg - I couldn't wait around I had too get the first suitable dress I could see and didn't even have enough time too get it altered or shop around . So what started out as my dream wedding dress ended up being a very costly mistake.

I would recommend buying one from a shop over here - you may pay more - but in the end you will get what you want, you may end up getting a dreadful dress and having too spend days paying for a more expensive on in the end.  

Good luck too anyone getting married - its stressful enough without the dress from hell.




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