Wedding Dress's- importing from abroad.

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i have read quite a few people moaning about how they have been robbed or scammed getting there wedding dress from abroad, but no-one seems to mention that you all get what you pay for! And you all want things cheap!

One memeber made a comment on how she actually got a beautiful dress and was very happy with hers and that she see the same dress in a bridal shop for over £600, and that all bridal shops are ripping people off.

What no one seems to mention is the dress's that are being done are COPIES of the original designers style and in fact that is breaking the Law. There are many dress's on ebay from china/hong kong etc... and they are not registered with the designer to be selling so obviously they are not genuine especially a maggie sottero dress in which all dress's come with a certificate of authenticity.

Do not mean to be so blunt but if you all think you can get a wedding dress by a very popular designer for less than £30.00 with postage being around £70-£90, you must know you are getting a cheap copy of it, and as for people moaning about Customs & VAT, a bridal shop has to pay first before it goes in there shop so why do you think you do not have to.

Alot of bridal business are going bust because of people buying cheap copies, but when the goverment clamp down,what are you brides to be going to do if there are no more shops let to sell to you.

I would rather buy my dress from a reputable UK Seller,shop or internet for that fact if there is any problem i could take it to the shop demand my money back if there was a major flaw with it if not go to trading standards. But people who want that little bit cheaper are actually only getting what they deserve.


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