Wedding dresses from China!

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I am currently trying to do some research as to whether or not I should purchase my wedding dress from ebay and in particular from the many chinese sellers. What is really bugging me is that while looking through the reviews and guides section and trying to get an idea of other peoples positive and negative experiences, HARDLY ANYONE LISTS THE SELLERS!!! Why not??? If you have had a positive experience than please share it and share the name of the seller, else what is the point in writing the guide? for example.....'the dress was beautiful, arrived in time and seller kept in contact throughout. I would definately recommend them to anyone!' SO IN THAT CASE WHY HAVE YOU NOT PUT THEIR NAME IN YOUR REVIEW SOMEWHERE!! It would benefit others and it would benefit their business.

The worst thing is the sellers who should be named and shamed for their poor businesses! You should be warning others, letting them know the sellers name so that they dont buy from them! Its no good having a rant and rave if you arent going to name and shame them. Its not a chance to have a moan, its a chance to warn others. So thankyou to those who have named and shamed or recommend as i now have avery full list of all the sellers to avoid and I have some recommendations to check out to. But please, please name and shame when you write a review! Even put it in the guide or review title along with wedding dress warning.

Rant over, thankyou!




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