Wedding dresses from China plus wholesalers in uk

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Please be warned, I am a dressmaker/seamstress based in Paignton, Devon and have had six women in the last two weeks who have either bought wedding dresses or prom dresses from abroad or from ebay shops selling these dresses as a wholesaler.  You do get what you pay for, please beware that these dresses are made with cheap fabric and cheap labour, they are badly made and most are either too small or too big or even both.  I have had women in tears because they have been left with a dress that dosnt fit and most of the time needs altering to such an extent that it costs them the same amount as it did to buy it in the first place.

I am not saying this because I need more work, far from it I am busy enough. I am saying this because I am disgusted by these companies who, although charge next to nothing they can ruin a brides most important day.

Take the risk if you want to, some do get lucky and get a lovely dress but just be carefull.

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