Wedding flowers

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I have done many weddings and the best place to go for your fresh flowers is the flower market.You must buy in bulk,but you will save more money if you buy flowers in season(use different size flowers for the best effect e.g small carnations,gladioli for the wow factor, geraniums because they are cheap and come in all sizes and colours.Then what ever else catches your eye.Never buy your green,ask friends and family for help gathering green from their gardens.Best results if you use between three and five types of evergreens to make your flowers go further.Buy your fresh water oasis from e-bay in bulk,it works out a lot cheaper. can use anything from covered ice cream tubs to plant pots.All you need is a glue gun and a few meters of your chosen fabric/viol/netting(this too you can buy off e-bay)finish with ribbon.Another  nice touch in smaller arrangements is putting a church candle in the middle of the flowers.Remember to weight down your containers with stones,so they don't tip over.
 Anyone can arrange flowers,you need a couple of test runs,checkout you tube if you get stuck.Before you begin make sure you have some sharp garden cutters,buckets of water for all your flowers and green.Put rubber gloves on to protect your nails.Keep a large bin at hand to throw cuttings away, keeping your work surface clean.
To give you a rough idea on how much I spent...About £100 on flowers(from a shop it would be tree times this),£100 on accessories and 6 bin liners or green.
Out of that I made five large arrangements about three feet across,six medium,eight small with candles,three for on top of the alter in church and two large fans for in front of the alter.To give you an idea of how much savings you will make ,one large arrangement would cost anything from £150 upwards. 
It took me two days,it is hard work but worth it.Make sure you keep your arrangements well watered and in a cool place away from heating e.g garage,conservatory,or in the garden under cover.You will need to ask a friend with a van to transport them.
Good look,the flower market opens at 4 in the morning get there at half past because the shop keepers come in and buy all the best blooms quickly.
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