Wedding planning

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Hi there,

Ive chosen to do a guide on how to plan a wedding, I will show you step by step.

Step 1) Before you plan; make sure you have time to plan. If you have a full time job, think of the time you will have to actually plan your wedding. You dont want your wedding to be rushed and not planned properly with the risk of forgetting important things... do you?

Step 2) Make sure you know what your doing. For example plan everything and get it all down on paper. This helps as you know what your doing. Some things you could plan could be your colour scheme; your dress pattern(s) and sizing, invitation design. Etc. A great way to make a wedding look amazing is to have a repetitive colour scheme. For example, White and lilac for everything..

step 3) Only search for one thing at a time, when you start searching for over 5 things at one time it becomes stressful and you get frustrated. One by one means that you can relax and slowly put things aside when you know they are done and completed, as well as knowing what you have left to do.

step 4) Dont make a date until you are certain you can fit everything into your schedule, if you make a date with only a week to go, you wont have enough time! You need to start planning and buying before the date is chosen. For example; choose the date half way through.

I hope you found my guide to wedding planning helpful..


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