Welcome To 21st Century Bathroom Hygiene

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Welcome to The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayers

The comfortable, affordable 21st century alternative to toilet paper.

The Toilet Paper Replacement Device

Up until recently there wasn’t an alternative to toilet paper, apart from a freestanding bidet. But they were bulky & inconvenient for many homes.

Why do you need The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer

The Bum Gun is cleaner
The Bum Gun is more comfortable
The Bum Gun saves you money
The Bum Gun is the greener option
The Bum Gun Saves Relationships & Maybe Your Job

Water has always been the cleaner, healthier option

Using water to clean ourselves has always been the no.1 choice.
We wash our faces & hands with water. We shower with water.
So why do we smear around with toilet paper after going to the toilet?

The Bum Gun Gives Awesome Comfort

The soothing water jet of The Bum Gun cleans you with ease.
Don’t put up with abrasive toilet paper anymore.
Even if you have a bad case of diarrhea The Bum Gun always offers comfort
Honestly, I HATE it when any bathroom I use doesn't have The Bum Gun installed. You will feel the same once you discover this technology

The Bum Gun is Hygienically Superior

We all know bacteria and germs make us sick.
Toilet paper forces your hands to be in contact with potentially dangerous bacteria & germs.
Who likes that moment your fingers break through the toilet paper? YUK!!
With The Bum Gun you can be sure of a hygienic clean with every use.

The Bum Gun Reduces Exposure to Bacteria

When using Toilet paper, bacteria and germs can spread, & often do.
The Bum Gun however keeps bacteria and germs away from your hands.

Especially hygienic for females

During menstruation, females need even more cleanliness, which toilet paper can never help with.
The Bum Gun gives that ‘full shower feeling’ every time, … without having to get undressed.

Every member of the family benefits with The Bum Gun

Females, our children, teens, our elderly relatives EVERYONE benefits from using The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer

The Bum Gun Saves You Money

When you add up all the money you spend on toilet paper for all the family every month you’ll soon realize The Bum Gun pays for itself within a matter of a few months

The Bum Gun is Kinder to the Environment

Thousands of trees are cut down every day to produce toilet paper.
Bleach, oil & electricity are all used in abundance in the production
& delivery of toilet paper every day.

When using The Bum Gun you are not only helping yourself & your family, but also helping the environment too.


Upgrade your life & install The Bum Gun bidet sprayer today

You will never return to toilet paper … by choice. That is a 100% PROMISE!!

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