Welcome to Mobiles 4 You, An Ebay Uk Company

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Hello There!, And Welcome to Mobiles 4 You (An Ebay Company), here we are proffesionlists in buying and selling by ebay Uk and Spain, Our bussiness force is located her in the Uk and Aswell In suthern Spain.

We specialise in buying and selli8ng of so many goods therfe are loads to choose from, If you have benn looking at some of our goods at may fancy 1 or all of them!, Just look here for some more information, We Buy itmes off people like you, and then sell them back on ebay, Usually Ebay Spain, we are a well run bussiness (Proof as shown by feedback that has been left to us in good will), If there is anything that you no longer need, or just want to get rid off get in contact with me, attach a photo and just explain a small discription about the item or items! you would like to sell, or Buy even if there is anything that you particually want just contact me, This is just a very small list of what we specialise in:

911 And Porsche World - These are collectors magazines, we allways have them on sale, We will buy them off you or if there is a specail issue (Monthly) that you may require, contact me and i will what i can do for you.

Mobile Phones LTD - We are a massive selling bussiness in mobile telecoms especially in the uk and spain, if there are any old mobiles that you no longer need or a specail one that you want, see Me.

Well, Thats all for this review but look out to get some of the best bargains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Below i will show you some pictures of our most recent sales on Ebay Uk. Thanks for looking!


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