Welcome to the wonderful world of Ebay.

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Welcome to ebay. This is a short review of my experience of ebay thus far.

I joined ebay a few years ago, i had seen the adverts and heard about it for years and was intrigued to find out what all the fuss was about.

The first few times i made bid's on things and subsequently lost. I found this very frustrating as im sure whoever is reading this (if anyone actually is) can i identify with .

I had lots of stuff in my loft from the 80's and instead of throwing it away, i decided to list the items, to my astonishment some old toy's from the 80's made quite abit of money. This is when I really got the bug for the site. You know the saying money for old rope right . I started to sell, and buy from time to time different items. I did however, get ripped off when i was slightly more naive than i am now. I won two mobile phones from two seperate sellers, neither arrived. I contacted ebay and they weren't really much help. I mean, when you think you've just lost £200.00 the last thing you want it an automated email right? Eventually i got part of the sum back, but i was charged £15.00 on each phone to get my own cash back. I was furious. I learnt to check peoples feedback and also signed up for paypal buyer protection. This i believe only covers you for goods worth £500.00 pound. If you ever find yourself in this situation you can always contact your local police and hope and pray they are interested in your claim.

When i was selling items, i was getting alot of people bidding on my items and then not paying. Ebay only reimburse you the final value fee, so if you've spent £9.95 advertising your item you will only get the chance to get part of it back through relist. It would be interesting to know how much ebay makes from items that arent actually paid for don't you think? To combat this you can alter the setting when selling your items.i see alot of people complaining that people outside the uk keep bidding on their items even though they clearly state that they only sell in the uk. You can alter this setting, i'd  suggest you check the persons feedback as i have had alot of people with zero feedback bid on my items and then not pay. Every ebayer has to start somewhere so it's not fair to tarnish peoples reputations before they have even started. Not all people with zero feedback won't pay for the items they bid on, i'm just giving you a generalisation. Also, beware of scams coming out of Usually Nigeria. If you are asked to post a phone there make sure you check its a genuine sale as unfortunately there seems to be a lot of scams coming form there. Does this mean everyone that buys from there is trying to commit fraud. The simple answer is No. You get genuine and disingenuous people everywhere.  It just seems in my experience a lot of the scams are asking me to post to there unfortunately. They usually offer you paypal payment and make up some story about their son or nephew really wanting your item. Don't reply, they are all scams and sometimes if you do reply they get your email address and then they might send an email looking authentic asking you to log in your bank details. If you get one of these emails, i suggest you report them to ebay and make this site safe for everyone.

I hope my experience on ebay may be helpful to others. Thanks for taking you time to read this review oh, and take a look at my items .....Obviously lol.

Good luck



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