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Having bought four of these...yes, four..I think I`m in a decent position to comment.
The cheapest was the acrylic strat copy.. and it has to be said, one of the nicest to play.
I was amazed at the feel of this thing, the set up out of the box, and the sound.
Number 2 - flying V copy - not quite so well set up but sounds fantastic and looks exactly like an original
12 string acoustic anyone? - I got this guitar for my son for around £45 in the auction - brand new .
Wesley refer to it as a beginner`s instrument - I must disagree - it is one of the nicest 12 strings I have played.

Finally , their copy of the Gibson ES355 semi-hollow body guitar.
Lovely finish, and cracking sound.
The guitars are all far east made - Korea, China , Hong Kong - mind you, Epiphone, Squire, Fender and anyone else you care to mention are all far east made now...
They are not the same as some of the Chinese Tat that appears on ebay pretending to be the real thing - they are well made with decent quality control.

Forget about buying cheap branded rubbish .
Wesley are selling brilliant mid range guitars at budget prices - one of the easiest ebayers to deal with and quick delivery.
I couldnt recommend them enough and look forward to what they come up with next.



Ok , an update as of 30/11/07

My guitarist son`s favourite instrument is his Phoenix les Paul copy.

This has bee gigged and also used to record his band`s first demo.

Up against other much more expensive guitars on stage, the little Phoenix has risen to the challenge. People have commented on how nice a guitar it is, and it is nice to play something unusual.

If interesed, the beast can be seen and heard at

myspace.com/circadianmetal  - enter the www yourself! Ebay will not allow links to other pages.

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