Wesley Guitars

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These guitars do sell tremendously cheaply and what you get includes some very worthwhile parts for the price, but when buying they should be considered as just that: parts which may contribute to a guitar building project, not a finished product.

Wesley are an importer of guitars in kit form, and the name is added to the headstock somewhere in the process (the paint colour of which may or may not match the body colour). They are NOT, however, instrument makers. Essentially, any one of us could buy a kit guitar from China (for peanuts!) and assemble it with little more than a cross-head screwdriver, but that does not make us craftspeople, let alone luthiers.

As a result, while you may pick one of these up for as little as £70, you would do well to consider the eventual price to be approximately double what you have paid, once you factor in a set of replacement machine heads (those supplied on the instruments are made of mixed metals and will certainly fail, terminably), replacement pickups, fret-dressing, etc etc.

Sadly, John Wesley himself does not seem to be interested in any follow-up enquiries that you might have as a result of any failed 'not fit for purpose' parts, which is rather a shame, since the woodcutting, neck shaping and fretting, for example, does seem to be generally good. So, as a result, one might consider these guitars to be a fair source of parts for an ongoing project, but other parts will undoubtedly need replacing 'fresh from the box' Wesley guitars therefore are a useful source of 'semi-raw' materials for the budding instrument builder, but ought not to be considered a finished product for the musician.
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