Wesley Guitars (the explorer copy)

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I bought this just to see what it was like. I paid about 85 quid (Brand new) for it and that was including postage. Straight away i've got a result.

Straight out the box and it looked fabulous, plugged it in and its a loud guitar. High output pickups. The only real problem are the machine heads, change these and you've got a fair middle range guitar at a rock bottom price.

I'm assuming these (wesley) are shipped over unbranded with the importers name on the headstock, no worries. Lots of guitars came out of asia from different factories, some better than others (Stagg for example and truly awful). But these seem OK.

Don't get me wrong here, i'm not saying these are as good as say, Epiphone but they good. As mentioned, change the machines and you've got a half decent guitar.


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