Wessex Teak

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Bought furniture from company on 21 February and paid for it straight away, they promised an email delivery date would be sent within 21 days but we rang them after one month, could not get anyone to pick up phone - seemed to be an automated service only.  Emailed them and they told me it would be April (in time for the good weather which has been and gone).  They said they were sending out 200 sets of furniture at the same time and ours would be one of them - so presumably if I don't have mine, there's 199 other pi**ed off people too.  We have emailed about four times and the responses started friendly but the last one was a one-liner curt response, we managed to get through once on the phone and the bloke was rude - it seemed once he had your money he didn't really care.  we were sent a delivery date last week for 11 June which I was prepared to accept, they just emailed today and without any reason have delayed until 23 June.  So by then it will be 120 days since I bought the furniture and they say on their website they deliver within 90 days...if they have delayed once on the delivery date i am thinking they will do this again and by then Summer will be nearly over.  I have contacted my bank as I paid on credit card - they will happily launch a dispute on my behalf and refund me my money if the company will not refund me - i think if they are delaying on sending furniture it will be a cold day in hell before i get my money back from wessex teak.  I am phoning them on Tuesday (bank holiday now) and they have one last chance...i knew it was too good to be true...you have been warned.
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