Wessex Teak

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Having submitted a review yesterday, my chairs arrived this morning on the 3rd due delivery date.  I was very surprised.  Not sure if it was the email I sent to Paul Allan late last night, (he was due back in the office from holiday today 28th July), or that it was just a co-incidence.  When I spoke to their office at the end of last week with regards to cancelling my order and requesting a refund, they did not confirm that I would be receiving the chairs today, seems to be a total lack of communication.

The chairs are in a 'raw' wood state and not finished like other products seen for sale in garden centres etc.  Cannot speak for their other products, but Paul Allan emailed and said that teak 'should never arrive pre-treated, and should be left to 'silver' naturally'.  The quality is 'good', I would not say brilliant, 'you get what you pay for' I would say. 

I already had a teak table, so was only looking to buy chairs.  However, since looking at the sales of garden furniture locally, comparing the same set,  I could have bought a table and four chairs for around £199 in better quality.

The decision is yours, I personally would not recommend this company, I certainly do not feel confident enough to ever order anything from them again.  Paul Allan states they have had around 10,000+ satisfied customers compared to the negatives.  I pointed out to him that if he should want to gain credibility with his dis-satisfied customers then he really needs to improve the customer service side of his company considerably.  They may be victims of their own success, I don't know,  but that still does not excuse the appalling delivery service and the way they treat and speak to customers.



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