Wessex Teak - Another Tale of Woe

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Having now read many other guides I realise I have fallen into a simillar trap as others by dealing with Wessex Teak.  We are now waiting for a refund as finally they have admitted that they don't have and can't get any more of the table sets they sold us 5 months ago, strange after promising they were in the warehouse and ready for delivery on at least 3 occassions !  We wont hold our breath.

I note now they are no longer trading through Ebay which I guess saves others from falling into that pit.  Meanwhile we, with many others have been left in the cold.  What I fail to understand is why their repeated activity is not criminal - surely taking money for goods you never had and never intended to have for sale is theft ?!

Happy to support any watchdog or criminal investigation into their dealings, would love to see these guys locked up ..... released for delivery home in 90 days, ooh well maybe just another month or hang on a minute shame can't get a release slot might not be for another month - never mind !  Hmmm seem to have lost the key, leave a message after the tone ..................



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