Wessex Teak Crooks

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I am sorry to see so many people having the same problem with Wessex Teak as I have, namely take your money and run; for those of us lucky enough to have access to companies house PTC Imports (London) Ltd is the company which was actually behind this. Unfortunately for us PTC Imports are now a dissolved company, however I am sure in some form on the directors or ex-directors namely, Paul Allen, Mark Allen and Peter Allen we must have some recourse for action. Surely just because they have resigned their directorships and dissolved the company doesn't mean they are off the hook, so let's hope enough of us will continue to pursue them; I certainly will through Trading Standards and Essex Police for recovery of our money. Certainly they should never be allowed to be directors of a company ever again. It is certainly interesting that they dissolved the company 15/09/2007 just prior to the changes in directors responsibilities that came in to force 1st October 2007!

It is very dissapointing that ebay and paypal do not assist us in any useful way obviously content to take their money and allow us to lose ours.

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