Wessex Teak Customers Beware

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I am a serving senior detective in the Police and i too have suffered at the hands of this company. They have taken £750 of my hard earned cash without delivering any goods and now fail to respond to calls or correspondence. Like many victims before me, Wessex teak think they are capable of keeping my cash unchallenged. They are wrong, unlike others i have the patience, expertise and tenacity not to rest until colleagues in both trading standards and Essex police act to properly investigate those behind Wessex teak who are benefitting from ripping people off. YOU CAN HELP, HOW?  By kindly completing the following request.

1. Post on this site details of when you placed an order with the company, the order value, when the money was taken from your account (but not account details please) and describe chronologically the events that followed including any current loss you are still suffering.

2. Copy the above to the e-mail address as per my profile which i have specifically set up to collate the number of victims concerned. Please include a contact e-mail address or telephone number if you wish and i assure you i will pass them to colleagues in trading standards and the police. Please be advised i am acting in my capacity as a disgruntled victim who unfortunatly for Wessex teak just happens to be a police officer. The above request should not be taken as a  substitute to you acting independently and reporting the matter to both the police in ESSEX and Trading standards if so wish and nor can i recieve such a complaint in any official capacity.

However whilst i can not guarentee any of you i will be able to ensure your money is returned, i can assure you, and Wessex teak if the are monitoring, i will get mine and i will not rest untill the full legal weight of every available means is brought to bare both civilly and criminally on those responsable for Wessex teak to prevent them from continuing to rip people off.

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