Wessex Teak - Dreadful

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I, as it would seem, like many others have fallen foul of the Wessex Teak bad business practise scenario.  I purchased a lovely garden set in January 2008, and paid by paypal the same day.  I had no communication for ages and eventually after several emails got a response with a delivery date in "April".  I booked the day off work and on the morning checked my emails to finds a message cancelling delivery without reason.  Sent a chaser email and got a replay telling me that I should not expect a Rolls Royce service for the price I paid.

Well I waited and eventually decided to track the company down so I could at least talk to someone via a phone. The holding comapny is PTC Imports and Exports London Ltd. and I got through to a circular phone answering service that does not let you talk to a person only leave messages.  Well press #0 and it bypasses this and gets you to a person.   I got a new delivery date of 10th June (6 Months later!!). Once again a booked the day off work and when I had not heard anything by 11:30am I phoned PTC.  Guess what, my delivery had been cancelled once again.  To say I was unhappy was an understatement.  Well I have finally got a cheque as as refund on my purchase which was notably devoid of the interest that PTC had made on my money in the past 6 months.

My advice to all who plan to buy from Wessex Teak.  DONT. They are obviously selling items without reserve and when they sell for too low a price they just fob you off and have no intention of giving you the product.  As several others havbe written, the statute for complaint via EBay runs out by the time it all goes wrong so you cannot leave negative feedback.   

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