Wessex Teak Garden Furniture

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I won a set of garden furniture from this company on 14th March 2008.  Being an ebay novice I gave them the benefit of the doubt when their winning bid confirmation stated that delivery time could be up to 90 days when the item details had stated up to 60 days.    I eventually received an email giving me a delivery date for the 17th June 2008 only after I had emailed them several times.  During this time I checked their feedback.  Most of the positive feedback was for 1p items. The negative feedback they received was quite substantial compared to other ebayers feedback, but what I was shocked at more was their response to the negative feedback, it was very intimidating.  Being fairly new to ebay I was astounded that comments such as they were could be left on ebay.  It was around this time that ebay set up a new policy whereby sellers could no longer leave negative feedback to their buyers negative feedback. The next time I logged on to WT feedback I discovered that he had changed his user name to sunshinestateforever and that he had made his feedback private, if alarm bells hadn't been ringing before this they certainly were now, so I immediately emailed them to confirm my delivery date (incidentally I had about four different email addresses - so I emailed all of them) I received confirmation for 17.06.08. I received nothing, I kept ringing on the day and emailing but to no avail, only after emailing them telling them that I would report them to the police did I receive an immediate response saying I had the wrong delivery date. I stated that I wanted my furniture or a full refund by the end of that week, he agreed to a refund immediately, but I didn't get it.  I wrote to them informing them that they were in breach of contract and that I would be instigating legal proceedings if I didn't get my money back.  I still heard nothing until I got in touch with thurrock trading standards.  Terry Everett is the man who acted on my behalf.  I received a cheque from WT within a week and even more importantly it cleared!  My advice to anyone considering buying from this firm - DON'T! 

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