Wessex Teak a sad story

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I won and paid for a set of teak garden furniture 600P from Wessex Teak on the 2nd October 2008, and then sat back in blissful ignorance waiting for a delivery date. Nothing happened. I got in touch with them on the 3rd December and was told I would get a delivery date by email. I did but it was for the 3rd of December, again got in touch and then received a date for the 19th February. Nothing happened. This was the last time Wessex Teak got in touch with me. I emailed them many times but have never got a reply I also phoned but got the answer machine messages until I discovered the “to pay by credit card” option I then phoned and emailed them regularly and was always promised a delivery date, again no response. My final contact with them was yesterday when they said they would have to cancel my order, as they couldn’t source the furniture I had paid for and they will send a refund. (I wont hold my breath) Wessex Teak is still listing 5 sets of the same furniture on eBay today (23rd May 2008) and there are plenty of people bidding, is this fraud? With hindsight I know I should have done something earlier. I now have no redress through eBay, which has a 60-day cut-off for their complaint procedure or Pay Pal, which has a 45-day limit. If I was a suspicious person I would think a company which has a delivery date of 60 days was trying to get around these feedback and dispute procedures and what happens to the money people send these companies, does it sit in high interest accounts for months making money (is this fraud?) Please read feedback very carefully, make sure you are reading the feedback for the products you are bidding for and not for the 1p or £1 products also look at the withdrawn feedback, these people have had problems. eBay needs to do something about this.THIS IS THE 6TH SIMILAR GUIDE I HAVE FOUND ON EBAY
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