Wessex Teak delivered my furniture!!!

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I bought some furniture on ebay from Wessex Weak and, as per the many, many disappointed buyers on ebay, received nothing and was then gutted to find that they were no longer on ebay. In fact, I never received ANY communication from them re. delivery dates, so if you've had numerous dates... you're doing well!

So, I reported the problem to Terry Everett at Thurrock Council (TEverett@thurrock.gov.uk, 01375 652 483). He's the local trading standards officer for that area. I immediately got contacted by PTC Imports/Wessex Teak/Prestige Teak partner Paul Allen (paul@ptcimports.com, 01277 812 670) and, two weeks later Paul sorted me out with a superb set of teak garden furniture. To be fair to Paul, it sounds like they've had a few problems - but he sorted me out when I chatted to him, hopefully you can sort your problem out too. If you are having problems, before getting stressed out and believing all you read about this "non-existent" company (as I did!) contact Paul and see what he can do. He seemed like a totally reasonable man when I chatted to him. Good luck.
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