Wessex Teak still to be avoided

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I wish I had seen the reports on ebay about this company before I purchased a garden furniture set directly from their website.
To be fair it arrived when promised and up to that point all was fine. However, 2 of the 4 chairs were totally unsatisfactory so followed proceedure and was eventually promised replacements. On the day the replacements were to be delivered I rang to see if they could give any indication of time only to be told , extremely rudely, they would not be replaced as they were not going to make the journey to my town to collect them.
I tried again by emailing them to point out this was going back on their promise and breached their terms and conditions and politely asked them to reconsider but to no avail.
Despite the fact that they had accepted the goods were faulty and arranged their replacement, they then  decided goods were not faulty- (they most certainly are!)-but as a good will gesture they said I could drive them from Sussex to Essex for a swap!
Luckily although this is all extremely annoying the goods in question did not cost an arm and a leg. I strongly doubt that as they had gone back on the promise to replace them and have broken their own terms and conditions, my taking them to Essex would end in satisfaction so will not risk that. As that is not a requirement under the contract of sale I do not think I am obliged to do that.
I am investigating avenues through Company House and trading standards.
The point of this report is they are still appalling. The other guides appear older and I want people to know from my experience they have not improved!
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