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Wessex Teak  I won a 14 piece set of garden furniture from Wessex Teak on 22 November 2007, and received an e-mail on the 23 November confirming that these itms had been ordered, but delivery would be longer than 28 days for larger items. I was aware that on the original e-bay listing delivery was stated as "up to 75 days."   On the 28th December 2007, I received a delivery notification for the 10th March 2008, but only for chairs and table, with delivery of a parasol and cushions to be sent separately.

In the mean time, on the 27h November 2007, I had visited their premises in Essex and collected a Java Bench which I had won on e-bay on the 25th November. I paid for both orders by credit card. All staff were very helpfull and pleasant.

Delivery of the chairs and table was made on the stated date of 10th March 2008, but, unfortunately the leg of one chair was broken. After much e-mail correspondence with sales  and the managing director Andrew Smith [andrew.smith@ptcimports.co.uk]  I was promised on the 1st May 2008 that the container containing the parasols would be arriving "next week". No mention was made as to replacing the broken chair. After further correspondence regarding the broken chair I was asked to send a photograph of same. This I did and, in reponse, received two separate delivery notes, one for the chair and the other for the outstanding items from the initial order. These were for a date of 28th May2008. Unfortunately, this date came and went without receiving the items, although in fairness the delivery note did state that small items would be dispatched via Parcel Post on the stated date so may take two days longer.   Having read the reports on this forum, I was resigned to not receiving the outstanding items, especially as e-bay had pulled all the listings for Wessex Teak.

This morning, the 2nd June 2008, all items were received via Parcel Post!! The message this gives me is that  all orders will eventually be satisfied if you persist with communication to the MD. My impression after visiting them is that they seem to be a honest company with very poor customer relations and even worse communication. I appreciate that their listings stating delivery of 75 days breaks e-bay rules, but any company relyng on shipment from Indonesia would experience some problems. The only solution as I see it is to only advertise when goods are in stock, but for a fledling company offering such low prices this would involve masive bank loan charges. The quality of all items is superb and, in my opinon, are worth much more than the price I paid. Please take this posting as advice and encouragement, even if you think all is lost; they may surprise you.

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