Wessexteak1/wessexteak/PTC Imports

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To all you potential buyers of so called bargains from WessexTeak1/WessexTeak/ptc imports BEWARE!!!!

This so called e-bay seller advertises items at extremely attractive prices in an attempt to get you to purchase the item. Once you have paid for the item you will receive a confirmation e-mail telling you that the item is not in stock and that they will send a further e-mail confirming delivery date. You will then receive another e-mail on or close to the 45 day limit for opening a dispute vie ebay/paypal to lull you into a false sense of security that the item will be delivered. This ploy is to stop you opening a dispute with paypal/ebay and certainly worked for me.

All attempts to contact these people by phone are fruitless, all you get is an answer machine on every number. Now I find I have no entitlement via ebay or paypal to claim against this trader. I have been advised to report this trader to my local police station as it is believed this is fraud. I have also reported it to the trading standards institute.

If you are still going to purchase an item from them firstly search google for the company and then search google earth for the postcode. If this identifies this company or companies then you have a fair idea that this is the same premises used to run a number of alias companies so beware. Maybe if e-bay checked postcodes they would realise this company has reinvented itself under yet another alias and is allowed to continue taking money from ebay members.

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