Wetsuit care guide for surfers or other water sports

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Wetsuit care - provided by w w w pricklyheatsurfwear co uk
Congratulations on the purchase of your wetsuit from Prickly Heat.
We hope it will give you many years of protection in the water, but just to make sure your suit lasts as long as possible, please note the following advice on wetsuit care:-

  • Wetsuit care starts even before you get into the water; take care when putting it on so as not to put undue stress on seams, zippers or the rubber itself. We know you´re probably in a hurry to hit the surf, but the best way to get into the suit is slowly and smoothly, one leg at a time. Don´t dig fingers and fingernails into the rubber, this can leave nicks, cuts and dig marks. Stand up straight when pulling up the zipper as if you are bent over this could easily rip the bottom of the zipper out of the rubber. 
  • Try not to pee in the suit! I know it´s tempting when you´re bobbing about in the cold sea for hours and it´s supposed to be an old surfers´ tip for keeping warm. Not only will the suit retain the smell over time, but the ammonia can break down the materials used to make the suit and perish the rubber. 
  • When you take the wetsuit off after use, strip the suit inside out as you peel it off, don´t try to yank your arms and legs out of it. 
  • It is important to wash your suit out thoroughly with fresh water as soon as possible after use, paying extra attention to getting the salt and sand out of the area around the zipper. Then hang it up to dry - remember not to use wire coat hangers as these can leave rust marks and also crease the rubber, which can lead to cracking later on. Wide wooden or plastic hangers are best, or special wetsuit hangers are available. Never, ever use a tumble dryer as this will shorten the life of your wetsuit considerably. 
  • It is recommended that you wash your wetsuit every 10 swims or so with specialist wetsuit shampoo or alternatively mild detergent like hand soap or regular shampoo. You can do this by filling a bath tub and scrubbing the inside with a soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush is ideal for the fiddly zipper) and the outside with a soft sponge, so as not to damage the neoprene. 
  • Store the suit out of direct sunlight (which will dry out the rubber making it brittle and prone to cracking) ideally laid out flat or hung up with the zip fully done up to retain its shape. Try not to leave in the car boot for too long and do not store in a garage if you can avoid it as the car exhaust fumes are detrimental to the molecular structure of the rubber and will reduce its lifespan. 
  • Take care of your wetsuit and your wetsuit will take care of you. Happy surfing from all at Prickly Heat surf wear, enjoy!
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