What Are the Best Concert Seats in Victoria Hall?

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What Are the Best Concert Seats in Victoria Hall?

Victoria Hall, located in Stoke-on-Trent, was constructed in 1888. This magnificent structure was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Originally, the venue only held 2,800 people but was lacking in front of house seating. In the mid 1990's the concert venue received a makeover and expansion, with an updated seating layout and modernised theatre equipment. Since the revamp, Victoria Hall has become a popular venue for concerts, comedians, orchestras, boxing matches, and other types of shows. Many locals and tourists alike visit Victoria Hall for its entertainment, history, and character. The updated venue has a wide variety of seating options that range in price, making it easy for visitors to find concert tickets within their price range.

Tickets for events at Victoria Hall are purchased on ticket websites, or on eBay. eBay makes it easy for ticket holders to sell their tickets, so buyers can easily find tickets for a sold out show, or a show where specific seats are otherwise hard to find. Another benefit of shopping on eBay lays within the competitive pricing, which helps buyers get the best value when purchasing tickets at Victoria Hall. Before purchasing event tickets, buyers should understand the seating options at Victoria Hall, and determine their budget for the best possible experience.

Seating Options at Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall offers many different seating options to meet the needs of each visitor, including budget. From seating directly in front of the stage to elevated seating, there are many stellar options to consider. Some seats are better for hearing for concerts, while others are better for viewing the stage. By understanding the different seating options at Victoria Hall, buyers can find suitable seats to any event.

Stall Rows A-N

The stalls refer to the lower flat area located directly in front of the Victoria Hall stage. Depending on the distance from the stage, prices for stall rows vary, but are typically not the most expensive seats in the house. The seats that are front and centre, usually have audio quality that is very clear. Although the stalls are located directly in front of the action, the seats are not elevated, therefore the stage may be harder to view from stall seats that are further back from the stage. Close up seats provide excellent viewing and audio for any concert or event. Wheelchair seating is also available in this section, but may be found at an additional cost.

Stall Rows P-V

While still being located on the main flat of the theatre, stall rows P-V are set back a bit further from the stage. Since the seats are further back, they are usually less expensive than the closer stall seating. With stall seats further back from the stage, the direct view of the stage is more likely to be obstructed than in a closer seat, but the audio is almost just as good. When purchasing tickets for a concert, or other event where viewing the stage is less important, stall rows that are further back are an affordable option for those seeking better seats. However, for events such as plays or boxing matches, elevated seats may be a better option for the price. Stall Rows P-V also offer wheelchair seating located in the back of the section.

Choir Stalls

Choir stalls refer to the section of seats located directly behind the stage. Choir seating may not be available for all events at Victoria Hall, but offers visitors a unique point of view when they are there. Most choir seats make it easy to view the stage since the section is smaller than most, but the guests see the back of the stage as opposed to the front. In addition, the audio may suffer since most speakers and audio are projected outward into the hall. Because of this aspect of sound, choir seating is usually priced lower than most other sections throughout the hall. Also, wheelchair accessible seating is not available in the choir stalls section.

Circle Seating

The circle seating refers to the first level of elevated seating in Victoria Hall. The circle seating goes around the hall in a U shape, allowing all visitors to view the front of the stage. The sides of the circle seating only have a few rows of seats, and back of the circle facing the stage has a bit more. Because of their elevation and close proximity to the stage, the circle section contains the most expensive seats in the venue. The location of seats depends on the type of event, as well as one's personal preference. Audio quality is best in the seats nearest the stage, but viewing the stage may be easier from the corner or back of the circle. Wheelchair seating is available in the back corners of the circle section.

Centre Upper Circle Seating

Located one level up from circle seating on the second floor, the centre upper circle seating refers to the seating directly in the back of the theatre facing the stage. Since the seats are located in the back of the theatre, audio may be less clear from these seats. However, since the seats are elevated, viewing the stage is easier from the upper circle than the stalls located on the the main floor. Due to this fact they are usually more expensive in price. However, the seats are set further back, so viewing at a distance may be more difficult to some concert goers. The centre upper circle seating is one of the largest sections in the theatre, with multiple rows of seats. Keep in mind that wheelchair seating is not available in this section.

Side Upper Circle Seating

Side upper circle seating refers to the second level seating located above the side circle seats. Since the seats are located on the sides of the venue, viewing the stage may be difficult from some sets of seats. Seats located closer to the stage offer the customer a better quality of sound, while viewing may be easier from corner seats that are located further back. Side upper circle seating are usually the most inexpensive seating in the theatre, so guests with a lower budget are still able to enjoy the show at an affordable price. In this section wheelchair seating is also available in the back corners of the side upper circle section.

Determine a Budget

When searching for seats in Victoria Hall, it is important to determine a budget to ensure that the seats fall within the buyer's price range. The price of tickets varies based on the specific event, so finding events for more popular events may get costly. Consider the type of event to determine if seats with good audio or exceptional viewing would be best.

When going to shows in larger groups, buyers should check to see if a group package is available, which is usually more affordable than purchasing separate seats. Another thing to consider when setting a budget is the cost of transportation to get to the hall, as well as money potentially spent on dining or souvenirs. By setting a budget, guests can find suitable seats that fit within their needs and price range.

How to Purchase Concert Seats in Victoria Hall on eBay

Another way to stay within your budget when searching for concert seats in Victoria Hall is by shopping on eBay. Since many people buy and sell tickets on eBay, concert tickets, or tickets to other events, are easy to find at competitive prices. To begin your search on eBay, you can search for keywords in the keyword search bar. If you are looking for tickets to a specific concert or event at Victoria Hall, you can search the specific event as well as the concert venue. If you are open to browsing different shows at Victoria Hall, you can use a broader search, such as 'Victoria Hall tickets'.

Another way to stay within your budget when shopping on eBay is by setting your price maximum. eBay allows users to set their maximum price when they are shopping, so they do not have to waste time searching through tickets that are outside of their price range. To make sure you are getting authentic tickets on eBay, it is helpful to get to know the seller. Review the seller's customer reviews and ratings to see how their previous transactions have transpired. If you purchase your tickets from an eBay Top-rated Sellers, you can easily trust the seller, since they typically have the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any eBay sellers.


Seeing a concert or event at a historical theatre such as Victoria Hall, enhances the experience with its beauty and character. For both locals and visitors, going to dinner and a show is one of the most popular ways to spend an evening out. With the wide variety of shows at Victoria Hall, it is easy for guests or couples to agree on which show to see at the theatre. For those who have never been to Victoria Hall before, it is important to understand the different seating options so they can find the seats that best meet their needs and budget.

Understanding the different seating options also helps buyers in terms of selecting which tickets to purchase, usually based on the event or price. Depending on the type of show, more affordable tickets may be ideal for viewing or listening. A great way to find out which tickets are available is simply by searching on eBay. eBay makes it easy for customers to view multiple seats and prices for a show, so buyers can purchase the right tickets at the right price.

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