What Is A Travel System?

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What Is A Travel System?

In simple terms a travel system is a system where you have the base - the wheels and frame, and then depending on if it is a 2 in 1, or 3 in 1 you can attach the pushchair, carrycot or car seat.

This allows parents to use the different parts of the travel system as and when needed. For example your baby is fast asleep in their cot and you need to go to the shops just down the road, if you had a "normal" push chair you would have to wake baby up and put baby into pushchair fasten them in (and by now they will be awake and most likely crying) - but not with a travel system, you just take the pushchair top off the base, pick up the cot, and click the cot into place on the base all without waking baby up.

You are in the car, and your little one has gone to sleep in thier car seat, all you do when you get to where you are going is put up the base, and then take the car seat out of the car and click it into the base - all without waking your little one up.

Today you can get  Travel Systems to suit all budgets and they come in loads of colours to suit parents needs and wants. Travel Systems are worth every penny to a parent as they can swop and change to suit what the baby is doing at the time and the big plus is they do not need to be woken up, to put them into the car or pram / pushchair.
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