What Is a Golf Wedge?

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What Is a Golf Wedge?

For Greater Control Around the Greens

Golf wedges are an important tool in every golfer’s bag. Golf wedges are used in a number of different situations on the golf course and are part of the family of golf irons. From trying to escape bunkers to delicate bump and run style shots from the edge of the green, golf wedges are an essential part of the game. New and used golf wedges can be found online on eBay.

There are four main types of golf wedge which will be looked at in more detail later in this guide.

Because of the restriction of a maximum of 14 clubs being allowed to be carried in a golfer’s bag, it’s very rare for any golfer to carry all four types of golf wedge when they play a round.

Modern day golf wedges are available to purchase on eBay and have steel shafts and club heads which allow for a good element of control for some of the more delicate shots that need to be played.

The grooves on the face of a golf wedge help generate spin, which in turn helps stop the ball more quickly and accurately when it lands on the green. It’s not uncommon to see a golf wedge that’s rusted over on the face. These are used by many golfers because of the way the extra friction between club and ball produces greater spin on landing.

Loft and Bounce

Two of the main characteristics of golf wedges to consider are the degree of loft and bounce.

The loft is the angle of the club head in relation to the shaft. Bounce refers to the angle of the foot of the club or sole as it’s often known to the ground. There are golf wedges for sale with a variety of loft and bounce angles on eBay.

The loft affects the trajectory of the golf shot and the bounce deals with how the club reacts in different ground conditions or lies.

The bounce of a golf wedge generally falls into the following three categories:

  • Low Bounce – ideal for firm lies in bunkers and on the fairway as well as tighter lies in the rough.
  • Standard Bounce – generally suited to normal course conditions that aren’t too firm or too soft.
  • High Bounce – best for soft lies in sand and on fairways.

Below is a table summarising the loft, bounce and common shot type for each golf wedge type.

Wedge Name



Common Shot Type

Pitching Wedge

45-51 Degrees

2-5 Degrees

Approaches from 125 yards and closer in.

Gap Wedge

51-54 Degrees

5-12 Degrees

From 100 yards and closer rough or fairway.

Sand Wedge

55-58 Degrees

10-16 Degrees

Escaping bunkers and soggy lies.

Lob Wedge

60-64 Degrees

0-10 Degrees

High launch angles shots that need spin control.

A Short History of Golf Wedges

Golf wedges have changed considerably over the years including their name. Previously, equivalent clubs were known as the:

-  Niblick
-  Jigger
-  Mashie

There are many vintage golf wedges available to buy on eBay. Vintage golf wedges make great pieces of golfing memorabilia as well as clubs for traditional golfers who like to play the game the way it used to be before the various technological advances. 

The niblick was typically used for trying to escape the rough with varying degrees of success. It was a lofted club but didn’t fare well when trying to hit out of wet lies due to the sharper design of the club head. 

If a golfer had a jigger in their bag, they would more often to try to use this for bunker shots. However it too wasn’t ideal for this purpose due to the relatively low amount of loft required for such escapes. 

The mashie was another lofted club. It was developed in order to try to deliver backspin on shots from a mid-distance aimed at the green to give the golfer more control. In today’s golf bags, the loft on a mashie was probably the equivalent to that of a 5 iron.

Main Types of Golf Wedge

The four main types of modern day golf wedge are detailed below. A golfer’s natural game and shot type preference will play a part in deciding which golf wedges they carry in their bag.

  • Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is a versatile golf club which can be used for a wide variety of shots. Typically it’s used for approach shots to the green from a distance of around 125 yards and closer. The distance and accuracy of any pitching wedge shot will depend on the experience and skill of the individual golfer.

Due to the high degree of loft on the club face, the pitching wedge can be used from the rough as well as the fairway.

  • Gap Wedge

As its name suggests, the gap wedge came about as a result of trying to fill a gap in the golf market. Many golfers were keen to have a club that fitted between the loft and distance of the pitching wedge and sand wedge and this resulted in the gap wedge being born.

The gap wedge has a higher degree of loft than the pitching wedge and while it is undoubtedly useful, it’s not a club that’s prevalent in the bags of amateur and hobby golfers.

  • Sand Wedge

Despite its name, the sand wedge can actually be a versatile club. It’s primarily used for getting out of bunkers after wayward tee shots or approaches to the green. However, because of its design, it’s also useful for hitting out of soggy lies due to its ability to get under the ball and not dig into the surface underneath.

Bunkers on a golf course can vary greatly in size, shape and depth so it’s not always necessary to use a sand wedge. For example, some fairway bunkers are fairly long and shallow and an experienced golfer may be able to use a different club in order not to sacrifice any distance when trying to reach the green.

  • Lob Wedge

Of all four golf wedges, the lob wedge has the highest degree of loft. It’s commonly used for shots over shorts distances i.e. up to about 50 yards. One of the main benefits of using a lob wedge is the amount of spin generated by the grooves on the club head.

When a golfer is faced with a hazard such as a bunker or water right in front of them they might use a lob wedge to ensure they get the ball up in the air quickly and are able to stop it on the green.

Popular Golf Wedge Manufacturers

Since golf wedges are an important part of a full set of golf clubs, the main manufacturers are the same as for other types of club such as drivers, fairway woods, irons and putters. Some of the most prominent brands are listed below:

  • Calloway
  • Cleveland
  • Mizuno
  • Ping
  • TaylorMade
  • Titleist

There are dozens of other golf club manufacturers and you will find golf wedges from a wide range of makers for sale on sites such as eBay.

6 Things to Consider When Buying Golf Wedges

  • Wear and Tear

The grooves on the head of a golf wedge are critical in generating spin and giving greater control when the ball lands on the green. If a club has scratched or damaged grooves it won’t give the best results on the course.

  • What it’s Used for

One of the great things about golf particularly at amateur level is the different ways the game can be played. For example some golfers may not have much need for a gap wedge, while for others it could be an indispensable part of their armoury.

  • Degree of Loft

The degree of loft on a golf wedge may appear very subtle to the human eye but out on the course a few degrees can make all the difference. Before buying a new or used golf wedge online it’s wise to take a look at the photographs on eBay listings.

  • Budget

When deciding on a budget for a golf wedge it’s important to think about how often it will be used. For occasional golfers, the lower end of the price scale may be most suitable. For those who play a few times per week on a regular basis, the higher end of the golf wedge market could be the best place to look for a club.

  • Value for Money

Researching prices for golf wedges before buying is also advised. People will set their own price for golf wedges they no longer want so it’s good to have a rough idea of value for a particular club or manufacturer. You can compare prices for new and used golf wedges on eBay.

  • The Brand

Great golf clubs don’t make for a great golfer. While it’s nice to have a good brand, sometimes it’s more important when buying an individual golf wedge that it matches the other clubs already in your bag so you have a consistent feel to all your shots.

Buying Golf Wedges on eBay

As well as new and used golf wedges, eBay is home to many other types of golf club such as woods, irons and putters. As well as the clubs themselves, may people find affordable golf accessories such as bags, umbrellas, golf balls, tees and waterproof golf clothing.

When buying a golf wedge on eBay it’s wise to factor in the postage costs, especially when buying more than one club.

It’s also advisable to pay close attention to any photographs included in the listing on eBay. Watch out for any signs of damage to the grip, shaft or grooves on the club head and don’t be afraid to Ask the Seller a question before committing to a bid.

eBay makes it easy to search for a specific type of golf wedge or manufacturer via the search bar at the top of each page. It’s also possible to filter a search by condition, price and location of the seller using the options on the left hand side.

Many items listed on eBay come with the Buy it Now which means the golf wedge can be secured without having to bid against any other interested parties.

As eBay’s preferred payment partner PayPal provides a secure, hassle-free and convenient way to pay for golf equipment online.


Different golf wedges suit different types of golfer. Just because someone has chosen to sell a golf wedge online doesn’t mean it is sub-standard in any way. In fact on sites such as eBay there are many affordable brand new golf wedges to be found as well as high quality used golf clubs.

Whether a golfer is looking for a piece of nostalgia in the form of a vintage golf wedge or a more modern gap wedge, eBay is the place to go for new and used golf clubs, equipment, clothing and accessories.

The other main types of golf wedge are the sand wedge, lob wedge and pitching wedge which can be used to execute various shots. From short sharp bunker rescues right through to 100 yard pitches from the rough to the green, there’s a wide selection of golf clubs for all ages and abilities on eBay.

Taking all the factors discussed in this guide into account will help any level of golfer find the right golf wedge for them.

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