What Is a Pram Travel System?

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What Is a Pram Travel System?

A pram travel system is a unit used to help travel with a baby or small child. It consists of a baby carrier and a stroller. The carrier fits into the stroller so that parents can wheel their baby around conveniently. The carrier allows for proper positioning of the baby, and most often, lets parents remove the carrier to strap into the vehicle so that small children do not need to be disturbed frequently. Once the baby grows into a small child, the carrier is no longer needed, and the child can be placed in the stroller itself.

Choosing the right pram travel system for one's needs can be a daunting task. Prams can be found at department and specialty stores, as well as online retailers, like eBay. There is a lot to consider when shopping for a stroller system. Prams should fit the specific needs of the family and be safe for the parent and child. When considering a pram travel system, safety, practicality, and functionality are of the utmost importance.

Safety in a Pram Travel System

Safety is the most essential component in an item that is meant to carry children. Parents and caretakers should ensure that any pram travel system they purchase meets safety standards and requirements. This section discusses some safety features and considerations.

Safety Standards

Prams should meet the specifications of British Standard 1888:2012 if they come from the U.K., for example. Each country has its own set of regulations and safety standards. If the pram is from another country, before approving it for use, be sure to check the safety regulations. For example, Australia has a safety standard AS/NZS 2088:2000. However, its standards are only universal to Australia. Therefore, a certain amount of research is important in deciding which pram system is appropriate.


The pram must have sturdy brakes. Whenever possible, brakes should be linked together, rather than individual. This allows for parents to apply pressure to a single bar or lever to stop the carrier with equal force on each tyre, rather than having to always use two hands to stop the carrier with possible unequal force.


A five-point harness, one that straps the child by using five points, really helps to keep children secure in their prams. These five-point harnesses strap children from the shoulders, waist, and between their legs. While children should have room to still feel comfortable, they should not have the ability to move significantly, possibly allowing for them to disengage from the pram system.

Likewise, child safety locks are important. Children should not be able to unlock themselves from the pram travel system. Keep in mind that children have small fingers and toes, as well as delicate skin, so choosing a pram with no points where children could get their fingers caught is smart. Any strollers with sharp edges and points should be deemed inappropriate, as this could result in harm to the child.

Lastly, the pram travel system should be stable. It should not easily tip with the weight of the child. If parents are considering attaching a travel bag to the stroller, that weight should not compromise the stability of the vehicle. The pram is meant to keep babies safe, so stability is of the utmost importance.


Each family has a different set of values and needs. While some families may find it important to purchase a pram with a large amount of extra features, including removable bumper bars, matching colour schemes, lower shopping tray, and matching supply bag, others may find size when folded to be the most important factor. Regardless, families should consider their lifestyle when thinking about pram travel systems in relation to their lives.

Three Wheel vs. Four

Some prams have three wheels, while others have four. Both can have their benefits, and parents should consider and weigh both options before settling. In short, three wheeled prams are often more agile, which can be a big benefit when families plan on spending a lot of time with their children in prams. However, four wheeled versions are often more stable. They are less likely to tip, allowing for the child to have a safer environment. Below is more about each type.

Three-Wheeled Prams

Three-wheeled prams can be longer, heavier, and wider, which can make for transportation of the pram in a vehicle to be difficult. Parents should consider the size of their trunks before deciding on a particular pram. The larger wheels and inflatable tyres on three-wheeled prams can be seen as a real benefit. Larger wheels are often on bearings, so they pivot easily, and larger inflatable tyres absorb bumps more effectively so that children are not as easily disturbed. However, this improved dexterity does have a drawback, as the system is therefore more easily able to tip and roll away.

Four-Wheeled Pram

Four-wheeled options , though not as manoeuvrable, are very stable. A lot of times they are lighter and smaller, especially when folded down. This can be a benefit with families relying on public transit. A good option for those looking for increased manoeuvrability and safety are four-wheeled prams with larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels. This combination makes the pram more agile while still safe from tipping and rolling away easily.

Lockable Wheels

The feature to be able to lock wheels so that parents do not have to always be in contact with the stroller is really important. Perhaps a mother needs to search for her car keys in her purse on a busy street corner and momentarily lets go of the pram. Doing so with a pram that is apt to roll away can have disastrous results.

Inflatable Tyres

Many prams have inflatable tyres. They are very nice features, in that they allow for a more comfortable ride. However, they can be apt to puncture or go flat. A pump is an important tool to carry with those who decide on inflatable tyres. While standard tyres may not be as comfortable for parents and children, they can be more predictable.

Size and Weight

The pram travel system should be large enough to fit a baby maturing into a toddler. Most travel systems allow for a child up to 50 pounds or 23 kilogrammes. However, they should also be a manageable size for parents. A bulky, heavy stroller can be a pain for parents, especially those with an increased need to disassemble their travel systems. Parents using public transportation should opt for lighter, smaller, and more easily folded systems. If parents own a vehicle, they should be sure that it can fit in the vehicle comfortably.

Car Seat Base

Car seat bases are fantastic for parents who use vehicles because they can easily move the child from the stroller to the car without having to worry about strapping the carrier in with a painful system of woven straps. Car seat bases are kept in vehicles for carriers to be locked into securely. They are easy, efficient, and safe.


Not only should children be secure, but they should also have a great level of comfort. They may spend long hours in prams, so having a system that allows babies and children to relax is important. Adjustable backrests help in this matter and are something to look out for. A semi-reclined position may be the difference in a child sleeping through a shopping trip or crying through one.

Some prams allow for children to either face the outside world or the parent, which is a nice option. Canopies shield babies from environmental factors, like light and rain. Make sure the canopy is adjustable and fits the range needed for the child. Some canopies offer a viewing window so that even if the canopy is extended, the child can still see the outside world.

How to Buy a Pram Travel System on eBay

eBay makes finding the ideal pram travel system as easy as pie. Customers need not spend long hours and extra money driving to department and specialty stores to find the system that best meets their needs. Instead, they are able to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Shoppers can find so many options on eBay, and because eBay is a global marketplace, they often find a better deal than what they could have discovered in their neighbourhood.

To search for a pram travel system , simply type the keywords into the search bar on eBay's main page. If you are looking for a specific type of pram, you can narrow the results by including those criteria. For example, perhaps you are looking for a Mothercare pram travel system . By using that as the search criteria, you are saving yourself time and energy because eBay narrows the results for you, based on your needs.

Customer reviews and feedback are a great way of determining what your overall experience with the seller could be. Fast shipping and processing time, excellent communication, and items being represented accurately, are all factors that are assessed in seller feedback. Consider shipping cost and time, as well as important characteristics for the pram travel system. If you have a small vehicle, do not choose a pram that is too large to fit easily in it. Take note of seller provided information and do not be afraid to ask questions.


Pram travel systems provide families with excellent means to travel with ease. Babies and small children are not easily disturbed in many prams. With a comfortable and smooth ride, babies are able to get some much needed sleep. Considering a vehicle that is safe, practical, and functional is essential to getting the most out of a pram travel system. Consider factors like three wheels versus four, lockable wheels, inflatable tyres, size and weight, and car seat bases when shopping for a pram travel system.

Pram travel systems can be found at many department and specialty stores, and online retailers, like eBay. eBay makes shopping for prams easy and accessible for so many people. Parents and caretakers can take advantage of the large, global selection on eBay and use its handy search features to find the perfect pram travel system. Pram travel systems are meant to be easy to use for all involved, and a lifesaver for a sleeping baby.

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