What annoys me with some Buyers and Sellers on Ebay

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I hate getting cheques and postal orders sent to me with no indication what its for, nothing in envelope except that no name who from , nothing to say what its for ,,you get more than three of them in a day what do you do,

Then you have buyers that take so long to pay,, you forget whether they paid or not. and you still cant move for parcels

Then you have buyers that  that Buy it Now then dont pay, dont answer messages,

Then you get sellers who get paid by paypal ,,and they wont send for at least 14 days in fact sometimes you have to remind them they havent sent goods,

Then you get Buyers that Buy it Now Just to stop others getting item whilst they decide to ask questions about goods and then they change mind and dont pay and promise to reimburse the listing fees but you never get paid. "greed gets better of them anything to stop anyone getting anything past them."

Then you get sellers that dont describe correctly and you dont realise anything till it arrives with part missing.

Then you get  buyers that buy your goods then list them and if they cant sell them again they will tell you somethings wrong with item so they get cash back and return goods..to you.

Then you get  people who recieve your goods after buying. and then if no signature to say they recied it, they deny it coming..

Then you get the Feedback blackmailer who will promise you bad feedback if they dont get a discount.

WHY ?       WHY?          WHY?                 WHY?

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