What ever happened to Ebay?

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Years ago I used to buy and sell on Ebay.

We all respected each other and it was fun.

Now its more cut throat

There are too many scammers which despite ebay's best attempts to tempt wary buyers back its hard.

I have left ebay twice. Once when I got addicted to using paypal and bought too many cross stitch kits - I was a carer of my teenage daughter and spending helped allivate the stress - but then try moving to a smaller house!!!!

I returned and well everything I bought didnt turn up.... cheques were cashed and then sellers disappeared.  No despute effort thru ebay worked of course.

So left ebay, and returned...... lol already met one buyer who left negative feedback despite shoe description saying white trainers etc..... and one ebayer I bought off, thru a mix up about delivery charge - bloke brought the stuff to door i paid him, checked it was right money - forgive me but having had a disabled baby and all the major upsets of c section, neonatel and trying to get life back as a single parent, I made a mistake.  Nothing was said at door in the exchange. I left good feedback, then 3 hrs later got constant abusive emails thru ebay from this seller - offered to send payment to his addi but he refused to give me contact details just carried on sending abusive emails for a few days.

There are so many people using ebay, some genuine and honest, but too many cannot communicate - its nice when either buying or selling to acknowledge receipt of payment or when good have been sent or arrived.

All this that sellers cannot leave negactive feedback or even bad fedback - some buyers may be abusive or send dud payment - there has to be some policy that it goes thru ebay and that it can be noted - what we have got before with either buyers or sellers is abusive nasty feedback with no control - if someone has an issue before they are allowed to leave any feedback either buy or seller if its negative or bad then it should go to a tribunal at ebay - basically cos vented anger feedback is good for no one - for me getting abusive emails for something which was a genuine misunderstanding and could of so easily been rectified had the other party been communicative would of been great if ebay had actually helped - they wanted the emails but couldnt get off ebay messages - and i couldnt forward the email headers and footers for some tech reason - but i was very scared to use ebay again - have since but i had a month of sleepless nights.


Ebay to me has gone down the pan.

Too many things are wrong with this site

One is formal communication between buyers and sellers - too hard to be polite?

Paypal - too many regulations that paypal has to be used? So why so many people not getting there money back when things go wrong thru paypal?

For me i try to buy local - no way can i trust myself with a paypal account (back to been a carer)

It might mean long trips to bank or post office but hey no one is getting my card details as I have been caught out with paypal scams before.

Those saddos that want to make money out of genuine people and sell goods they havent got or say payment has never been received yet cash money - they are the pits and will be punished later in life - what goes around comes around.

Ebay needs to rethink a lot of things, and also encourage people to be nice to each other.

Ebay used to be fun.... now its just very very risky to use

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