What is 200hz-400hz-600hz-800hz Technology ?

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What is 200hz-400hz-600hz-800hz Technology ?

Some new top of the range LCD, Plasma and LED Tv's say on the packaging and specifications that they have 200hz, 400hz, 600hz 800hz !

What does this mean ?

Old CRT Large Box cabinet type Tv's had either 50hz or 100hz on the screen refresh rate , that means that when your Tv draws it's picture line by line from side to side, it is drawing every line with 100hz !, but it is only drawing every other line with 50hz.

So with 100hz you would achieve a much smoother picture for fast moving programs like Football for example where there is lots of action on the screen with the crowd and action of the game !

1.   The newest Top of the Range Tv's are now suggesting that they have a 600hz refresh rate , some manufacturers are achieving this by creating the 100hz image then creating another 5 virtual images from the Tv's Processor , to apparently give you even smoother action than ever before by overlaying these images over and over each other.

2.    The other way i have seen this acheived by Tv manufacturers is by dividing the screen into 6 sections with each section refreshing itself at 100hz (of course making it 600hz in total)

The most common Tv's  are all just creating another virtual 200hz image overlaying the original 200hz image. for example (Quad core processor and 800hz)

Overall when you are making a decision about which Tv to buy , I CAN say that i have noticed a difference between these different screen refresh rates when running a Blu Ray Film !

So up to you if you want to pay the extra ! in my opinion it isn't worth spending £100's more on the price for these gimmicks, 60hz is all that is really necessary.

What you need to be looking out for is the TV's processor as this is what gives you the good picture , it should be noted that with a top of the range 3D LED TV's the processor is usually a quad core processor which of course gives you the best picture over a TV costing a quarter of the price, so you may not need 3d or Freesat or Freeview HD etc all built in ... But these top of the range TV's have the best processors so they have the best picture.

Your Price range is the important part stay within the price range that suits you.

Thank You for Reading and I hope you have found this Guide Useful and helpful

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