What is 925 sterling silver?

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Shiny, pretty and in demand...

925 sterling silver is an alloy (mix) of pure silver and another metal, usually copper. Fine (99.9%) silver is too soft for producing usable objects, therefore it is alloyed with another metal to give it strength while preserving appearance of precious metal.
Sterling silver items sold in Europe have hallmarks stamped - it is normally "925" (sometimes letter S is added) marked somewhere on the product.
When buying silver, one needs to look for those hallmarks, however there are other things to look out for. For example, anything shiny we love (like platinum, gold or silver) is non-magnetic.
Take good care of your silver earrings, pendants or necklaces - they will tarnish over time if left exposed to atmospheric pollution. Silver sulfide (black layer) will slowly appear but it can be (delicately) polished off.
In England silver has been in use since early thirteen century, originally as a currency. It owes its popularity to precious metal appearance, good value for money and - last but not least - it is hypoallergenic (it does not do anything bad to those of us who have allergies).

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