What is Digital Delivery – A UK Buyers & Sellers Guide

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eBay has thankfully provided a very useful page and this can be found below on how to sell items that use Digital Delivery.


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HOWEVER.  What eBay do not tell you is that this only works when selling on the Canadian, American or Australian eBay Sites.  If you are selling from the UK then as long as you have SELLING MANAGER PRO you can choose to sell on another eBay site in PREFERENCES found in the left hand tab of MY EBAY.  You can then sell on the USA eBay site, which allows you the freedom of selling via eBay’s Digital Delivery system, and saves the cost of another agent such as e-junkie.

You can of course list your item on the UK or Ireland site but you will not be able to use the eBay Digital Delivery method and must state in the item description that the item will be delivered to their email address.

A Digital Delivery item means that it has the ability to be delivered to your eMail Inbox or via a link on the Internet.  You can then click on the weblink and it will either take you to a page to download your item or the link will start the download immediately.

A lot of items can now be sold by using Digital Delivery.  These include

  •  eBooks,
  • Pictures,
  • Software Programmes,
  • Music Files and so on.

If you have bought or are considering buying an item which has in its description DIGITAL DELIVERY then you can access the file usually immediatelty after payment has been made via PayPal.  Once you have paid you should be directed back to eBay, sometimes required to log back in, and then you are given the weblink to get access to your file.  Don’t worry if you don’t get to see this page or you lose the bookmark, you can still get access to your download page information via ITEMS I WON in My Ebay.  This only works on the old eBay setup and not the new Beta version.  Next to the item you have bought that includes Digital Delivery you will see the drop-down menu on the right (where you can chose to leave feedback etc). One of the options in this dropdown menu should be VIEW DIGITAL DELIVERY.  Simply click on this item and you can see the download page again.

This information is only possible for people who have bought something that has been listed on the USA, Canada or Australia eBay site.  These 3 sites are the only ones that eBay currently have setup to use Digital Delivery.  For other sites (usually UK or Ireland) you should check your Inbox AND junkmail folders of your email account registered with PayPal.  This is probably where the link has been sent.  A lot of sellers currently use a service known as e-junkie – but this appears to be safe.

For sellers of Digital Delivery items the link below will tell you all you need to know.  If you have any problems in selecting Digital Delivery as an option in the SELL YOUR ITEM form then in the description section click (OPTIONS) and you should be given an option to choose Sell Digital Item.  This needs to be clicked and again when the SELL YOUR ITEM page reopens you need to select the checkbox again.  At the bottom of the page you can then choose how the buyer will get the item, and select from the drop-down menu and where appropriate enter the web address of the item.

I hope that this guide has helped you work out the new sales method passing through eBay at present.

To have a glimpse at my store and see how I use Digital Delivery on all my items, please CLICK HERE or below on the name of the shop.

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