What is a commercial grade limestone tile?

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When we place an order for a container of 1st quality limestone from our supplier, (for example 600m2 of 600x400 honed limestone), the factory may have to produce 900m2 to give us our 600m2 of 1st quality material.

A 3rd (100m2) of this rejected stone will have to be discarded as it will not be able to be sold as either 1st quality or 2nd grade commercial material.

The balance (200m2) now classed as commercial may have medium to heavy shading variation, small to large areas of fossilization and vents also known as veins (not cracks).

Overall the background colour will blend nicely & if beforehand you were not told of the tiles commercial qualities, you would find it hard to pick a fault.

This commercial selection has been cut and finished to the same high standard as the 1st quality material, but the stone isn't quite consistent enough to be sold as the highest standard available.

If you like stone with natural inconsistencies i.e. more natural variation and small shade and colour variations, then this is the perfect product for you and you will save a substantial amount on the 1st quality prices.

We beleive the commercial selection offers excellent value for money & once the tiles have been installed & blended they look fabulous.

Remember to view the feedback for these items sold as they speak for themselves.

Remember we are not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, we are telling you what to expect beforehand.

Please remember you are quite welcome to visit our warehouse and view the stock we have available.
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