What is an NSCD Dimond

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What are NSCD Diamonds

Genuine mined diamonds are formed in the high heat and pressure deep within planet earth. Mining diamonds is expensive, dangerous and environmentally damaging to the earth.

NSCD Diamonds are created in exactly the same way as mined diamonds except they are created in a laboratory.

NSCD (nano simulated carbon diamonds) are often flawless and offer a wonderful sparkle, ever lasting and indistinguishable by eye from a mined diamond. The other added bonus as well as the flawless finish is that these diamonds are much less damaging to the environment and safer to produce meaning they are also less expensive for what is actually a better quality diamond.

What should i choose?

If you are happy to wear a piece of jewellery that has a lab created diamond then NSCD Diamonds are perfect for you. They have a wonderful look and cut, they will last a lifetime and they are real diamond. The only reason for buying the much more expensive earth mined diamond is if you feel you want a stone formed in the deep earth naturally, thousands of years ago. The cost however prohibits most people from ever owning a diamond larger that one carat. NSCD Diamonds now give people the chance to own large diamond pieces or multiple pieces at a much more fair price.
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