What is an ebay PowerSeller?

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To become an ebay PowerSeller you must consistently sell a significant volume of items, maintain a 98%+ positive feedback rating and also provide a consistently high level of service to buyers.

When you see the PowerSeller icon within a sellers profile or shop description you should feel assured that your transaction will go smoothly and that you are dealing with someone who has consistently met the requirements established by ebay.

Powersellers now have five tiers - Bronze, Silver, GOLD, Platinum and Titanium. Each tier requires the seller to meet and maintain a preset level of average gross monthly sales for the past three months of selling activity.

To qualify for the PowerSeller program certain standards shown below must also be met:

-Maintain a minimum of average monthly total listings of four (4) listings for the past three months.
-Be an active seller on the ebay site for a minimum duration of 90 days.
-Achieve and maintain a minimum feedback rating of 100, of which 98% must be positive.
-Be in good standing by complying with ebay listing policies.
-The ebay account must be current with no outstanding balance.
-Deliver responses to successful bidders within three business days.
-Uphold the ebay community values, including honesty, timeliness and mutual respect.

The fact that we are ebay PowerSellers along with our 100% positive feedback history on 300+ ebay transactions gives your further peace of mind when purchasing your new personalised registration through ourselves.

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