What is my car registration worth? free valuations

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We are always looking to buy vehicle registration numbers for cash.

Did you know that around 6 out of 10 ‘normal’ vehicle registration marks have a value attached to them? You may not even be aware that the registration number on your car could be worth money.

Registration marks that look as plain as: R786 XVX or OU51 TFC would have a significant value attached to them for certain reasons, even though they may look pretty boring to you.

Of course, we do also buy in the more obvious proper ‘cherished registration numbers’ such as TOM 55N or 32 TB.

We will always aim to return the best possible price to the client on either a commission sale or on an outright purchase into company stock.

Requirements for selling your registration number.

For us to buy your car registration or to sell your car registration on a commission basis, we always prefer the registration number to be held on either a valid V750 or V778 DVLA retention certificate.

It is also possible for us to purchase from you if the registration mark is still upon a vehicle, as long as it has current road tax and a valid MOT certificate (if the vehicle is over 3 years old) and also a current V5C or V5C/2.

We pay top cash prices for single digit name plates such as KEL 5H, single letters such as 1175 P , high end registration numbers such as CR 7 and any other rare combinations.

If you have a registration to sell whether it be something like CR 7 or R786 XVX email us direct through timftreg@aol.com and we will advise you of the sort of figure we can return you.
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