What is the Ultimate Ultra Slim DVD Recorder?

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MAXeDIGITAL Presents: The Ultimate Ultra Slim DVD Recorder SAMSUNG DVD-R130

The Samsung DVD-R130 for Ultimate performance & design!
Are you looking for a performance DVD Recorder with a fantastic Ultra Slim design?

Well look no further!

Samsung have created a real centre piece, the DVD-R130 ultra slim DVD recorder – all at a very affordable price! You will never have to miss your favourite TV program again!


We have all been in a situation where you really wanted to watch something on TV, your favourite soap, drama or a really interesting documentary, but for some reason or another –you end up missing it, too busy working or socialising!

We all know how annoying it is! Now you never have to miss your favourite TV program again!

All you need is a Samsung DVD-R130. With its one touch recording feature it makes recording such a simple task! Records and plays DVD’s see the features below to find out which formats.

Samsung  -A brand you can trust, A house hold name, -A manufacturer who has time and time again proved it self to be the market leader in quality electronics.


You too can own One of the slimmest DVD recorders on the market today at only 49mm in height – Yeap that’s the same height as a Uniross AA battery! Very few DVD recorders can compete with the stunning design of the Samsung DVD-R130 especially in Silver, clean and elegant!

This DVD recorder has been selling at an unbelievable rate this year, take a look at the spec to find out why!



• One touch quick recording feature- hassle free recording!
• DV Link - record directly from your camcorder – no more messing around with a PC, this will save you so much time!
• 8 hours digital recording capacity – Wow, that’s almost a whole working day!
• Stunning ultra slim design – One of the best looking DVD recorders on the market!
• DVD-R & -RW recording
• Pal Progressive – Ideal for the whole UK!
• Front DV Input – No need to rummage around the back anymore!
• JPEG Compatible – You can see all your pictures, all those great memories!
• Clean & Elegant SILVER Colour – Simply stunning!
• RGB output ability

  • PLAYABLE MEDIA & FORMAT – A huge list!
    VCD (w/o Logo ), SVCD (w/o Logo )
    MPEG4 (DivX3.1/DivX 4/DivX 5/DivX6)
  • Does not play only the following small number of media & formats:
    -DVD Audio –SACD -WMA -MIDI / SEMI -KARAOKE -Memory Card -Hard Disc (HDD) -VHS Tape.

FOR FULL SPECIFICATIONS See the Samsung's web site.


To Summaries the Samsung DVD-R130

Ultra compact clean elegant stunning silver design performance Samsung DVD recorder all at a very affordable price! This DVD recorder can play a large selection of DVD recording formats available in the market today! Simple One touch recording! Connects to your TV using the commonly available Scart, S-Video & DV.

Move over VHS cassettes- the DVD recorders are taking over the market! Superior quality and ease of use are just a few of the many benefits of the awsome DVD.

Why wait, with only limited stock available make sure you don’t miss out!

Click here to see the Samsung DVD-R130 in Stunning Silver!


This Guide was brought to you by DIGEEMALL in association with MAXeDIGITAL

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