What is the best leather cleaner

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A: With over 25 years in the cleaning & leather industry we have found many products that claim to clean and condition in one. But we have yet to find one that works; a cleaner is used to lift the dirt from the leather. While a conditioner must soak into the leather therefore it takes the dirt in with it. That’s why we sell a cleaner and conditioner separately, which will remove all the dirt and grime and then replace all the natural oils giving protection to your leather. If your leather items are new or already clean and you wish to maintain them then this would be acceptable.

Remember to always spot test the cleaning product on a small area before cleaning the whole sofa! You don’t want to damage your leather furniture by mistake!
If you have a stubborn stain that will not shift Do not rub the area to aggressive it is better to lightly clean the area 3 or 4 times allowing the leather to dry before further applications. Always apply leather cleaner to a cloth sponge or brush. Do not apply direct to the leather. If stain persist seek the advice from a professional leather cleaning company.  
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