What makes a brands clothing genuine or a fake?

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We all want a bargain, this is the same reason why we go to the Sunday market or ebay to buy clothing, most of which are advertise as high street brands.
High street brand names do not own factories to make clothing, and majority of do not even design their own styles. So what makes them real or fake?
Lets look at the difference type of:
Extras & rejections
When making an order, factories always make extra to compensate for damages and rejects (for various reasons). Now some customers will accept 5% over but not all. When this happens, factories will want to sell these extras, not to make money but to recover the costs of making.
It’s the same with rejections, rejections does not mean these are bad quality clothing, just sometimes there maybe a fault in the garment such as measurements or some type of floor, most of which us consumers will not know the difference.
These will still have all the correct labels. This is the most genuine garment you can buy which are not in the shops. They are suppose to be de-labeled however before selling.
Copy but from the same factory
Now some factories may do things they shouldn’t, but at the end of the day they have to look after themselves. Buyers cannot guarantee work all year round for factories as many styles are seasonal and not all factories can make any type of product.
To compensate for this, some factories do copy styles. The can copy the labels too so they look authentic. If the style is from the same factory, the same style but not authorised by the buyer, how fake does this make the item? Fake enough not to purchase?
Copy outright from different factory
This is other factories buy styles from shops and copying them exactly. They probably never made this brand before and doing so the fitting maybe a little off. This does not imply the quality will be worse off, you will be surprised how many designer name brand shares factories with what I would call cheap retail brands.
This is deemed as the most fake and what I think most customers associate fakes with.
There only real way to spot a fake is if the quality feels like authentic. If the fabric feels good and the stitching looks neat and tidy. Not all clothing on ebay and markets are fake, many of which are genuine, its just not sold in authentic stores. 

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