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this guide is designed to help beginners -i found people wanting desperately only nokia;some wanted expensive nokia, like sirocco, just for their design;first at all do you need to answer to you, what do you need; do you talk much?do you need a big battery?maybe two phones in one;maybe with tv; how often are you using the camera? will best suit to you a good camera?  you need good sound? do you need wifi, gps, edge, etc,to be very strong to impact , very thin  or maybe just light and slim or to use it as a pocket pc; the next thing to do is to establish your budget,how much are you willing to pay for it? the last fashion in phones is a phone with multiple functions, internet camera tv pocket pc gps etc; when buying the phone, keep in mind that will not be the last,so maybe it is not worth to spend all your money, and the next generation will be much better, not to mention that a perfect phone does not exist yet, all lackes something;there are althought few options who suppose to approach the perfection - see my guide top 6 phones in 2008

for those who are looking a good battery, there are dual sim with battery of 4800-5800 mAh,and even more;Samsung 900i Omina 1400 mAh, or a phone like sony ericsson k750i who has a good battery,Li polymer ,easy to use,small, average camera

do you need two phones in one? Samsung, has a duos family, Samsung D780, D880,D980-5MP camera!!!; they don't have a good battery life; there are some other choices, Motorola VE75(poor battery,only 1.3 MpP camera),CECT ,who easly win a market all over the globe,with some reliable models, like k320,etc with a good battery life(4800 mAh);i used this model,and i recommend it;  my advice,if you really want 2 phones in one,you don't have time to charge two phone, you don't like carring 2-3-4 phones,then try to focus on few dual sims,and read reviews about them,because not all dual sims are good,many of them will break easily,so be carefully what you buy;the software are the their weeakness, and poor camera too;ask seller if they will help you in case that you will have a problem with them; pay attention to the battery,because keepning two lines open will drain battery fast,so the battery should be over 2000-3000 mAh;pay attention,if the both sims are online at the same time or you need to switch!!! another choice will be soon ready from glofiish DX900,for the first time for a dual sim with GPS!!!wireless,windows mobile,good camera,3G;also few models from WND

do you need 3D sound, very very good speakers, high volume of music, clear and loud voice when you are talking- i found dual sims the best;one of the clearest sound that i heard was from Samsung G600(5MP camera too)

MUSIC PHONE-Sony Ericsson W980 won the price of best music phone in 2008 awarded by EISA

do you need a very good camera? Sony Ericsson k800i -3.2 MP is one of the best,withouth beeig expensive, Samsung g600,g810-5MP camera, is a very good choice, nokia n95 another excellent choice,but much more expensive; nokia N96, Samsung 900i omnia (first camera 5 MP on a windows mobile device); LG viewty KE990,KU990-5MP camera(3G,no wifi)-both with poor battery;  Sony Ericsson C905- 8MP !!!!camera+gps+wireless+3g+good battery(poor memory)this phone has the most advanced camera,brings new features like smart contrast,face detection.(this is not windows mobile device), (Samsung B600 -10 MP camera,is actually more like a camera on a mobile phone,3x optical zoom-available only in Korea);8 megapixel X908 flaunts 3x optical zoom and dualSIM support-chinese model!!!,8 megapixel Samsung i8510 INNOV8; Samsung G810 -5MP,3x optical zoom,xenon flash,brought it the award EISA of best camera phone on 2008

what about a TV phone? glofiish v900 (plus wireless, gps,good camera), some chinese models dual sim;Nokia n96 has tv receiver!!or live TV via internet streaming,from 3G mobile devices

do you need gps- i recommend mio, glofish-ETEN has Sirf Star III gps chipset and Asus,so these phones must be one of the best in GPS,so if you want to use it as a car GPS too,use these!!!Eten Dx900 has also dual sim,good camera, WM device;motorola A1600 or 1800 (linux mobile) or nokia n95, n96, HTC diamond,or other HTC solutions, sony ericcson Xperia X1, C905, Samsung 900I omnia-who is one of the best phone evermade;anyway iphone is not that good to be used like gps device,because uses google maps,who needs to be downloaded via internet connection,that you suppose to have it all the time, from your network provider,and these maps are not very well detailed,especially not for Europe, they cannot be compared with more developed maps,like igo,mio,tom tom,garmin,etc ,does not show with arrows where to go,where to turn right,etc,no voice to guide you-NO GPS SOFTWARE,ALSO HAS THE WEAKEST GPS CHIP POSSIBLE; so my suggestion,try a phone who uses windows mobile if you need gps,so you can use professional maps;

hight storage capacity -iphone, nokia n95-8gb,n96 , HTC diamond (4GB), Samsung 900i omnia (8-16 Gb+memory card), SAMSUNG INNVAT8, etc

good internet, wi-fi - iphone is the best, now even faster with internet via 3G(MAX 7.2 Mb/s), nokia n95, much cheaper choices from samsung too ; nokia 95 has also the advantage of internet via 3G too,but the screen not that bog as iphone, blackbery, samsung 900i omnia (7.2 Mb/s), sony erricson xperia x1, HTC diamond(7.2 Mb/s)-who has a very good interface

a day by day phone, solid, who met all the minimal criteria of a modern phone- i recommend samsung d600, e900,z400 sony ericsson k800i, k750, etc-these are also cheap solutions, and why not iphone,who is actually very strong to impact

do you need something beautiful ? try u600 samsung, lg shine,lg secret, 8800 sirocco, arte, htc diamond,vertu,etc

these are just few example; my advice, buy what do you need; the offer is huge; try to read and ask about few phones that you would like, to see what suit you best; phones in our day tend to be all in one, with a better to better performance,

see my guide top 5 phones 2008 if you are looking for a top phone

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