What to Wear with Thigh-length Boots

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What to Wear with Thigh-length Boots

Thigh-high boots intimidate some women, but wearing them is a sure way to create an impact no matter what else you have on. Keep your look chic by pairing your thigh-length boots with the right clothing, and enjoy the added polish your boots provide. Thigh boots are an accessory; wear them right and they highlight your look instead of overpowering it.


Skinny Jeans

Slip a pair of black leather thigh boots over skinny jeans for a sleek, sophisticated look. Since your boots take centre stage, keep the rest of your look minimal. Pair your jeans and boots with a simple top, and add some texture and visual interest with a cute scarf, bag, or jacket, such as a chic leather jacket. A button-up blouse, dark wash jeans, and black boots are a simple but stylish statement. Wear light wash jeans for a more casual look, and if you choose a printed blouse, keep it simple, such as a top with a few sparkles, animal print, or subtle stripes. Let your thigh-length boots garner the attention.


Neutral Trousers or Leggings

Thigh boots are not just for jeans; they look great when you wear them with trousers and slip them on with leggings. If you are wearing your thigh boots with leggings, stick to tops that fall at least hip length or longer. Avoid tops that are too short. Wear the boots with neutral trousers, such as beige, black, or grey. Though black boots are the norm, brown suede thigh boots are a pretty option for autumn and complement many neutral shades. Trousers with a tunic or flowing blouse and thigh-length boots create an outfit for work or for going out to eat, and the look is stylish but not too casual. Avoid wearing tight tops when you are wearing leggings and thigh boots. Go looser on top with tight leggings to balance the look.


Skirts and Dresses

Though thigh boots are a natural complement to skirts and dresses, avoid looking too young or unpolished by showing as little skin as possible. Wear a skirt or dress with thigh boots that is not too short, so you are only showing a few cm of skin. This keeps the look sophisticated and not inappropriate. Another option is to layer tights with your thigh-high boots under a skirt or dress. Patterned tights add pizzazz to an otherwise plain outfit. Since thigh-length boots tend to have a sexy look, feel free to experiment with a loose fitting dress on top, such as a swing or shift dress, and belt it in to create a flattering shape. Avoid a too-tight look all over by wearing pieces that fit together while keeping your look elegant and proportional. A jacket or blazer over a dress is a nice finishing touch.

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